Thursday, June 18, 2015

Tulips at the end of April

 All of the photos from April 23.  This is one of my favourite ones with its fringed edges and the rich color. 
 This black one grows along beside the white of the old garage.  One of the tulips that Grace Grant left me as a hostess gift a few years ago. 
 This one grows in the tulip/flower bed in the area of the fig tree beside the old sidewalk next to the old garage.  The tulips in this are make quite a show from the window downstairs.  I see I have an allium grow in the bed now.  These plants self seed freely in the front garden.  I must have transferred some seed to the back.  No doubt I will now have more of them than I need.
 This spectacular red one is along the is in the strip along the drive way and hedge, and peaking out of some iris foliage. 
 These purple ones are also along the driveway strip in front of the hedge. 
 The Tulips are still in bloom and making a very nice show, carrying on from the end of the daffodils.  Last Autumn I fed all of the bulbs with bonemeal and they are rewarding me handsomely for the attention. 
 This is one of my self seeded columbines.  It is my favorite one at the moment because of its lovely maeve color.  It grows in the bed next to the old garage.  I am getting a good variety of colors from the columbines around the garden.  I don't see the spectacular white one in bloom yet.  It was in the cutting garden last year. 
I was really pleased with how well the geraniums did this year.  This is a close up of one of the flowers.  Their foliage is thick, green and luxuriant. There is a row of about 10 feet of them in front of the hedge along the driveway strip.  All of the plants along this strip did very well this year probably due to the bone meal feeding.
I need to keep the wild morning glory along the hedge in check and also the dandilions.  
At the moment I am cleaning up the blue bells along the side of the pond that borders the neighbors.  I pulled off the foliage and blooms and covered it all with several thicknesses of newspaper.  I will be covering this with the cedar mulch I have in reserve, from years ago.  I have moved an old bottomless cedar trough into this area and am trying to fill it with some of the excess garden soil.  I plan to put my new big blue hosta into this trough.  I hope the blue bells do not grow through all the barriers.  I will be putting leaves on them in the Autumn also to help slow them down a bit.  I will be putting the pendula willow into the new tall pot.  I plan to have the bottom of this pot contain water where the roots of the willow can happily dip  and sip, out of its long tall pot, that is raised to be level with the top of the decorative tall pot.  The willow looks rather shabby compared to the pot.  I do hope it improves over time.  The other willow that I planted by the pond edge last Autumn, with its roots in the water is looking so very much better in this situation.    Pictures later after the plants are in place. 

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Maggie said...

Ken Anderson has left a new comment on your post "Tulips at the end of April":

The tulip photos are stunning.

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Maggie said...

Maggie has left a new comment on your post "Tulips at the end of April":

Thank you! They are all about finished now.

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