Monday, July 11, 2005

Budding Butterfly and new Blogger stuff

This is working good!!

This wee caterpillar was munching on my fennel plant last week. It has now disappeared ... gone to cocoon, I hope. I believe it will turn into a swallowtail butterfly.

Trying out the new image loading

I see we are now able to add photos and position them within our blog, all with the blogger. This looks GOOD! Very nice! Hope it works.

This is a photo I found last nite while attempting to find photos for my albums on my web page - My Garden. This photo is from the Chemainus Island Challenge in 2004.

Too busy

Water Lily Posted by Picasa
We are back from the Antique Autos meet and a good time was had by all despite the rain on Friday. I have a terrible case of speedster nose. It should clear up just in time to get a new wind/sun burn next week at Cochrane.

I have 19 albums loaded to my page now. I probably won't get any more loaded for a month or more now. John and Jaromey have gone up island. The pictures I got of their bikes are not great, but I will mail a couple of them to her anyway. I hope they enjoyed their stay over and the rally.

We have had about 1/2 inch of rain over the last few days. I have the water gardens filled. The water lily has 2 blooms this year. They do not seem to last very long. The iris was lovely but did not last very long either. The white jasmine is in bloom and has a delicious fragrance. The area in front of the hedge has hollyhocks, yarrow (pink) and the tall purple things, the pink laverta type flowers, all blooming. The hollyhocks are all a deep burgundy/red against the dark green of the cedar hedge. Excellent combination. These plants are all quite tall. So, this border goes through stages of bloom, starting with the low crocuses and thyme and proceeding to its summer taller colors. I need to add a few blue bachelor buttons in the mix for this time of year. It is looking like a very nice English cottage garden. In the Fall I should have michaelmas daisies and hopefully more white daisies as well as fruit on the plum tree. The plum has no fruit this year, though.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Lily Show

Winning Entry Posted by Picasa

I was at the lily show today. There was a good demonstration of floral arrangements by Susan Weeks. The show was not very big, though. I was expecting much more than there was in the show. I should have entered something, as I had the catalogue. It would have been a snap. There wasn't much out of the ordinary at the sale, either. Perhaps I left it too late and all the good stuff was gone. I did get some good photos, though. White balance on florescent. Pretty interesting shooting. The backgrounds are always a mess, though