Sunday, August 30, 2009

Saskatchewan, the land of the living skies

purple vetch, I believe.
The CN railroad repair crew at work.

the dodge lodge.
The best elevator picture of the trip. Raymore.
The green elevator or storage facilicy at Raymore.
swathed fields. I think it is hay though.
outstanding cows.
bee hives for the crop pollinating bees set in a field of alph alpha. These bees, according to John La. have more robust pollinating ability than the honey bees we normally see. They need this strength to get into the alph alpha blooms.
On July 31, we left Wadena about 10:00 am. The domed church looks quite different in the daylight. Thanks Fran and Bonnie for the hospitality and very interesting tour of Northern Sask. It was very enjoyable, despite the weather. On the 31st the land of the living skies is more apparent. There will be a few posts for this day, as there were quite a few good photo opportunities. We made our way to Raymore, and stopped by the elevator for our lunch stop. This place afforded quite a few interesting prairie photos. Ham and cheese in a bun for lunch... nothing too fancy, but good.

Today, at home, was another perfect day. Our yellow plums are almost finished.. and so am I finished with them. Last night, I was up until all hours reading, after spending some time on the new site. Cyrus is inviting a few more of his friends. I think I will wait until we are gone public, before being too vocal about it. But the site really rocks! You will see in a few more weeks.

Northern Saskatchewan #2

July 30th - we continue on up the road. Some of these photos are taken through the windshield of the car, so are less than optimum. Also, while editing the last ones of the day, I noticed that the lens had spots on it. I think I was a bit tired by this time and careless of composition and clean glass. We had supper at a Chinese Cafe in Canora and then back to Wadena, arriving shortly after sun down. We visit and catch up on the news on TV, then to sleep. Was so good to see you both, you know who you are. Hugs and be well!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Northern Saskatchewan

July 30 was a cold, grey day. The four of us set off to tour a few of the northern towns and countryside. After visiting the old church at Perigord, we continued on to Greenwater lake where we had lunch. The lake was very drab looking under the grey clouds and did not afford any photo opportunities. The next photo stop was at Hudson's Bay. The church is another old one, St. Patricks Anglican, the Desroches Hotel, the elevator, and the Printers building all appear to be good old heritage buildings. I hope they keep them. The moose sculpture is the closest I got to anything resembling a moose on the whole trip.

Today at home was just another lazy day. I downloaded an old version of Firefox and am getting along far better with it than I was with the newest one. Chrome is faster and I think I will keep it for my default browser.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Back to Wadena

On July 29, we are up by 6:00 to shower and coffee on the deck. We set off in a cloudy day. After a bit of shopping at a mall we meet Al H. at his home to go for lunch at the golf club. He is doing ok, after recently and suddenly losing DeeDee. On our way back to Wadena arriving 5:00 and go out to dinner. Pat stays up to visit. We have rain again over night.

Today was coolish and cloudy at home too. My firefox browser has stopped playing youtube videos or any videos.... I think I might dump it and get safari. My chrome browser works fine with videos. I should probably make Chrome my default browser. There are others having this Firefox problem... the best thing to do is just leave everything as is. I tried all the suggested things I could find and none of it helped. The most help I read was to be told to leave things as is... they will fix it... it is not YOU.

Wadena to P.A.

Some of the kittens from 2 litters. They lived on the deck, outside.
The reflecting pond at the end of the orchard
Pat painted this rainbow and has a pot with golden flowers at the end of the rainbow. The other end of this is painted with a huge yellow sun and small flowers with a even smaller red butterfly. Very creative.
The meadow and park
This makes good garden art, but it is a communications tower - one from their company to provide internet service to the rural areas around Prince Albert, and beyond.
Garden helper
lovely big bell flowers
I think I am getting tired of seeing canola fields. I edited this one to try and give it that abstract appearance.
Lunch stop was at the Beatty elevator under a stormy sky.
As we drove along I was seeing these red flowers in the ditch. We had a coffee stop and when I got out I found that the flowers were red clover. There was yellow, blue, purple and white clover.
July 28, we leave Wadena about 11:00. There had been rain last night, so did not get a great sleep. We head up the road to Prince Albert and follow Pat Z's directions to get to the farm. Don and their exchange student are out making hay. Pat and I enjoy a good visit and tour of her garden. Its very extensive. I did not get photos of her vegetable garden. It is producing an abundance of fresh vegetalbes. We had a fresh garden salad for supper with the scrumptious meatballs and spaghetti. The guys got back in from making hay by about 9:00. That's the way it goes on the farm -- you harvest while you have the sun. We spend the night in the dodge lodge, with coffee in the morning and we are off to an early start. Thanks for the lovely visit... was so good to see you, Don and Pat!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kelliher to Wadena

On July 26 we continued on our way from Kelliher to Wadena, where we spent a couple of days visiting.

At home, it was a glorious day out again. We picked up a deli sandwich and big cookie to take out to the Island View Beach for lunch.

I have been spending more time on the new site as well as reading until all hours of the night. I am currently reading Gargoyle by an author from Winnipeg, Andrew Davidson. Its one of those awful books that you cannot seem to put down.