Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Saskatoon to Regina, Saskatchewan

Overlooking the railroad tracks at Imperial, Sask.
a canola field. I rather like this one and think I might call it Prairie Tapestry.
Regina skyline -- don't recall what street we came in to the city, on.
A fire hydrant and bell at Lumsden. This will be one for my web page album Fire hydrants if I ever get them finished and loaded.
This firetruck was on display in Lumsden
Lumsden valley
Lumsden valley
Lumsden valley
close up of a thistle
This is the railroad tracks at Imperial. I don't think these tracks are used now. I have a souvenier spike from this old track.
Distant cows
An old empty farm house. It doesn't actually look that old to me.
On July 22nd we had breakfast with Gerry and Bev, unplugged and headed down to Regina. We gassed up in Saskatoon (we keep a log of mileage between fill ups and the cost, in the van, so I don't record prices in my travel journal.) We have a lunch stop by the old elevator in Imperial .. the elevator photo was a bad compostion, so not included. However, the old train tracks and beyond afforded a few good shots. We got to Lumsden and took a bit of a drive about the town. It has grown so much since I was there, years ago. Its a very picturesque spot. My photos do not do it justice. We shopped for a few groceries, then phone Dan and Carol about our arrival time. They have taken a couple of days off work!! After dumping our tanks at the Husky we get to their place. Have a scrumptious dinner and good visit. Tyler comes over. We are plugged in and get to sleep in our Dodge Lodge later.

At home today, I managed to get a bit more of the cleaning done, and a lot of playing on the new site, as well tweaking these few photos. Some one Pat knows has asked for information on our Danube cruise. I sent him a link to the album on my web page. Man, what a lot of stuff on there. I forgot that I had done all that! Its a really good travelogue for the Danube Cruise! The photos are the largest size I could use on that Adobe Photoshop template. If I knew more I could change that. I really should get more things finished on my page! Can't seem to find the time or inclination. The page is quite archaic and takes so much time to make the albums and upload them.

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