Thursday, August 13, 2009

Running back to Saskatoon

A scenic spot where we stopped for lunch just before Lloydminster.
There seems to be a lot of water lying around this year. In fact, we had a call from Pat's mother warning that a highway we were to take, had been washed out. Fortunately when we got to it, the water had run off and the road was dry.

Canola and alph alpha with fences. After this shot I changed my camera to wide format and added the extra wide angle lens, as prairie scenes seem to lend themselves to the wide format.
I must have been bored while waiting for the gas tank to fill on our way out of Edmonton. This is not a selective color photo, but a full color shot. I selected the yellow and red and naturally framed it on the black and white background.
Another flare over C & J's roses. I did not find out what their roses were named, but they were certainly gorgeous and blooming whole-heartedly.

On July 21, we had breakfast in the van because we wanted to have an early start so as to get to Saskatoon by late afternoon. We were unplugged, said our good-byes and thanks and were on our way by 10:00. We gassed up on our way out of Edmonton and were almost to Lloydminister for our lunch stop. Thanks again, Colleen and John for sharing the two days with us.

On the way through the prairies it looks like there is quite a lot of water this year, in the north western area anyway. The canola and flax crops are just about ready for the optimum blue/gold photos. More on this later.

At home today we had a visit from Kelly, Angie,. Tyler, Allyssa and Jason. They had been camping and traveling around the island for the last 2 weeks. They covered a lot of ground in their 2 weeks. They were on their way home and stopped long enough to share lunch with us. It was so good to see them. They are all happy, healthy and still have some energy left after their 2 busy weeks.

We had quite a good shower this afternoon, after lunch. Perfect weather for having a nap!

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