Saturday, August 29, 2009

Northern Saskatchewan

July 30 was a cold, grey day. The four of us set off to tour a few of the northern towns and countryside. After visiting the old church at Perigord, we continued on to Greenwater lake where we had lunch. The lake was very drab looking under the grey clouds and did not afford any photo opportunities. The next photo stop was at Hudson's Bay. The church is another old one, St. Patricks Anglican, the Desroches Hotel, the elevator, and the Printers building all appear to be good old heritage buildings. I hope they keep them. The moose sculpture is the closest I got to anything resembling a moose on the whole trip.

Today at home was just another lazy day. I downloaded an old version of Firefox and am getting along far better with it than I was with the newest one. Chrome is faster and I think I will keep it for my default browser.

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