Sunday, February 23, 2014

February snow

 Snow streaks over the plum tree in the back garden
 Small snow flakes through the tree and over the park path
 Larger snow blobs through the tree and over the park path
 Snow balls and orbs past the tree limbs
 Snow streaks in the back garden
 Shorter snow streaks in the back garden.
I was playing with AV, TV and Manual settings to get the different sizes of snow flakes that were falling yesterday morning.  By mid-afternoon most of the snow was gone.  We got a bit more today.  The driving conditions are going to be treacherous tomorrow morning. 
I have finished sizing and tweaking 165 photos for my July album of the Gardening page of my old web site.  This lily is one of my favourites.   I found a very good simple web gallery generator that I can edit in my notepad; as it is simple html in the parts I need to edit.  It looks better  than the old photoshop album creator I was using.  It will take me a while to edit all the pages.  I am looking forward to playing; AND actually making some progress on getting the page completed.
Yeaaaaaa, Canada did well at the Olympics, finishing off the games with a shut out in the Men's hockey final game for the gold.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Trying a post from ipad

Let me see if I can get a photo added 

Monday, February 17, 2014

mid February in the garden

 The cyclamen has been in bloom for weeks.  This is a very good plant that blooms in the Fall and Spring.
This is the double snowdrop that is near the entry way.  I have a photo from 2008 of this plant that shows the inside of the flower, macro setting, that I uploaded to Flickr years ago and someone just recently marked it a faveourite.  I am too lazy to get the link, but it is a fine view of the inside of the flower.  The two photos above are from Feb. 1st.
 The waterfall in the back pond area now has the mermaid at the top.  She seems to add a bit of height to the waterfall.  This photo was from the 1st of Feb.
 Just before the 8th of February we had a few days of colder weather.  There was ice on the pond, except where the water was running.  The birdbath and the tub water features were frozen over.  The ice melted within about 4 - 5 days.  The fish in the tubs survived.
 My best little phalenopsis (miniature) is in bloom again.  The green walls are not the best for background.
 Photo of my newest phalenopsis (regular size).  It really is this brilliant blue color.  I looks best against the yellow walls of my room.  It was calling my name at Home Depot when I was out there looking for a new spritzer bottle for my light garden plants.
 Photo from the 14th, although these crocuses have been up for a week or more.  Very delicate maeuve color and strong plants.  I need to move some of them into the crocus field.
These yellow crocus are the first ones up in the crocus field. They have only just opened up after our week of very balmy weather.  Photo of the 14th.
For the past few days we have been having 8 degree temps and warmer, but rain, at last.  Some people have had their power out in the high winds.  Higher altitudes have had snow.  We have only had the much needed moisture.
Yesterday I moved 2 milkweed seedlings, 3 lily of the nile and 2 butternut squash plants into milk carton containers.  They are all on my light garden and above the trays, so that they do not get water logged like some of them did.  I must keep an eye on them so that they do not dry out as others of them did in the plastic cups where they germinated.  I have a milk carton cut horizontally planted with parsley and dill seed and hope they soon germinate.  I also stuck a few red pepper seeds in the plastic cups and hope they soon germinate, too.
The early part of February I spent playing with my newly cleaned and reloaded on a SSD drive, with the other hard drives for backup and data and storage.  We were unable to authenticate my old Adobe PS CS as it seems Adobe is not running the servers for the old stuff any longer.  I wanted this old program for the web gallery generator that was in basic html and I could edit it in Notepad.  The solution for my problem that Adobe offered was plug ins for the newer PS CS5 ; but they still suggested that I use the ones web gallery generators that are now on PS CS5..  of course, they are all Flash and things I have no idea of how to 'edit'.  Too bad for us dinosaurs.  But wait... I found a lovely little html web gallery generator for free.  It looks pretty good and I think I can edit it .  I have 12 more photos for 'July' gardening album to tweak, then I shall be editing and uploading to my old web page.  Finding my way around the new instal of my very old WS-FTP was quite an adventure.  Kudos for my techie for getting it to install again on the new SSD.  Firefox is no longer my default browser as it does not get along with something from my Nvidia display card.  I will eventually figure it out, I hope.  Trevor, my techie, cleaned up the virus, and reloaded it all.  Got rid of a lot of useless programs and stuff I had ... things I never used and things I should NEVER have used... like the RegServo registry cleaner.  .. a total waste of money.  I may have inadvertently got this stupid virus when looking at a website... softtonic, maybe... that harbors malware and such, I am told by Dave D.  .. when I was looking for a calendar generator back in December.  Well, its been interesting.   I wish I knew more about the mechanics of loading all the software to my computer, and how to add hardware... but that day will never come.  I rely on the techies.
I have been spending some of my time trying to get my new Nexus phone set up so that it is not costing me an arm and a leg.  My old  cell became obsolete, so I thought I would get a new version that may be good for a few years.  I bought the phone from Google Store and wnet to Telus for the SIM card.  They abruptly sent me to the on line store to set up my contract and all.   The over the land line phone people were very helpful.  I got set up with a prepaid account.  It costs me .50 for 1 min of phone and .30 for messaging and data, I think... whatever that is.  Since I never do any of that stuff, my $100 prepaid should last me forever.  I can top it up, should I ever begin to run short of funds.  Now, my old account had me paying $30. a month and I know not what it all included, but I never used  that amount up or over extended it.  So, my prepaid should be just what I need.  I set it up as a hot spot, but will turn that off.  I have data useage blocked on my account, so this will be just a phone for occasional use.  They are charging me .75 a month for the 911 use, if ever.  I have my ipad for travel, for reading and for music, if need be.  Wifi comes with most campgrounds, or hotels, but I never use it that much anyway.  No time for it when traveling.  I wish I could figure out how to use one of these gizmos as a GPS, ... like the GPS works.  I understand that if I plan my rounte and put all the info into some app I can use it that way, but it does not allow for questions along the way that might be unexpected... like getting lost, in some city while stopping for gas or groceries, or having gone to see some park.  Well, there is always the GPS, then.  I am sure there must be an easier way,  I just do not know it.  I cannot seem to progress beyond simple html.  All the cloud stuff has me running for my hoe and spade  and out to the garden.