Thursday, March 19, 2020

Old Car Stuff

 I am not sure why I am upside down in this photo of the light on an old car, but this is how everything feels recently with the panic about the COVID-19 coronavirus.  We are advised to stay home and only go out when necessary.  The stores shelves have been getting fairly bare due to people stock piling foods, toilet tissue, disinfectants, etc. 
 McKay drove this old car of his across the US, mostly along Route 66, camping out and staying with people who welcomed him into their homes; quite a few years ago.  I found this while attempting to find photos of antique cars for Peter F. of the the Antiques chapter of the VCCC.  I expect he has photos of everything I have and his are much better too.  While going through my files I straightened up the files, trying to get only one copy of things saved, so that I can find things more easily, hopefully. 
The duck is very mindful of its cleaning.  It was in a pond at one of the venues for the one of the Antiques meetings, years ago.

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Crocuses at the end of February

 The crocus field in the front boulevard garden.  The grass is quite long this year.  I shall leave it long until the crocus leaves harden off.
 Dark purple crocuses in the Magnolia tree bed. 
 The yellow crocuses are usually the first ones up in the Spring.  This bunch is just under the plum tree in the boulevard garden.
I love these striped crocuses.  There seems to be at least 3 patterns for the stripes.

We have had some high winds over the past two days and cooler temperatures.  Hydro reported that there were 50,000 people from the islands and the lower mainland without power.  We were ok, and the garden does not seem to have suffered any damage.

Friday, March 13, 2020

February in the Garden

 The epimedium in front of the Harry Lauder Walking Stick shrub. Now, on March 13, about a month later, the contorted nut shrub has long golden catkins and is in full bloom.  The color of the epimedium is a glorious red/green mix.  It's a fine combination of plants.  I must get a photo of it at this time.
 The epimedium is really spreading out.  There is a primula beside it that I must move.
 Some of the snowdrops in early February.  They are still in bloom around the garden.
 One of the earliest crocuses.  I lovely light maeve color.
The wall flower by the front step has buds mid February and is still at the about the same stage of growth.
February has been a rather cool, wet month this year, and  the beginning of March has been much the same.  Last week I did manage to get a couple of ok days and pruned back the firethorn bush, cut up and disposed of the clippings ... a prickly task.  Yesterday was a nice 14 degrees and so I was out from 1:30 to 5:30, clipping up the firethorn and then digging bluebells out of the woodland.  The fawn lillies are really looking good.  I think I am winning the battle of the bluebells!.  After all the rain we had I find there is no moisture under the Japanese cedar tree.  In the Autumn I deposit quite a lot of leaves at the back of the woodland.  Where it gets moisture the soil is becoming nice 'woodsy' compost, and smothering the bluebells.  The rhodo that is behind the old garage and in this woodland area is growing nicely since it, also gets a leaf mulch and lots of rain in the winter.