Saturday, November 17, 2018

November 1st in the Garden

 Leaves falling on the rockeries need to be cleaned up often.  This little rockery in the back garden needs an addition of a bit of compost and more pea gravel mulch.
 There is an interesting combination of Autumn colors in the perennials in this rectangle bed near the driveway in the front boulevard garden.
 The leaves from of the sweet gum tree in the front garden make a colorful carpet over the grass.  As at November 1st the leaves are just beginning to fall.
 This is a photo taken from just across the street of the front garden.
There is the spirea bush in the foreground, then the green of the cedar hedge with the colorful sweet gum tree.  The leaves of this tree are enclosed by the hedging and get heat off the house and so the leaves at the bottom remain green/yellow.  
The sweet gum tree holds it colorful leaves for quite a long time.  The view from the windows at the front of the house are a treat.  This is November 17th and we still have the glorious show in the front garden.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

October birds in the garden

 The robins were around to test the firethorn berries for ripeness.  They did not seem to find the berries satisfactory, as there is a lot of them dropped on the sidewalk beneath the firetorn bush.  The holly tree still has its berries.  Hopefully they will be ready on Christmas Day, again.
 I liked the reflection of the background bokeh in the water on top of the deck table.  With the curves of the table and the reflection of the humming bird feeder over the bokeh reflection, I thought it made a nice abstract kind of a picture.
 The hummingbirds are liking the feeder this time.  I have seen two of the birds at the same time.
Another photo of the Anna's humming bird at the feeder.
A close up of the humming bird.

It has been raining lately and I have been raking leaves.  Most of the leaves are off of the English Oak at the back.  The sweet gum tree is holding about half of its leaves.  It has glorious colors again, this year.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

October color in the garden

 The Irish heather has been blooming for weeks.  This one is in the front garden next to the stone path to the water meter, and the new planting on the other side of it.
 The blue salvia is one of the new salvias, and other plants in the new planting at the front.  When the David statue fell over I renewed the plantings around it.  I removed a lot of Michaelmas daisies that were seeding everywhere.  I added compost to the soil of this strip from the David to the Irish heather and bordering the stone path.  Then I added a French lavender, the salvias (blue, red, pink) a couple of the milkweed plants.  The milkweed from Dave survives.  I am not sure about the others.  There are bulbs around the edges, including crocuses and dutch iris.  
 The smoke bush gets some gorgeous color, especially with the sun shining through the colored leaves.  There is a bit of bamboo in the frame for contrast.
 This is the Japanese cedar, the sumacs in the woodland.
The October colors of the woodland.  There is the Japanese cedar, sumacs, firethorn berries and the variegated holly with berries.