Friday, March 15, 2019

The max amount of snow to February 13th

 The front tree loaded with snow on Feb. 12
 Peony Tree seed heads with their snow caps on.
 Closer to the heavy, wet snow piled on the tree branches on Feb. 13
 Overview of the max snow.  The hedges are beginning to be flattened out 
 Icicle in the sunset on February 13th.
By February 25th most of the snow has melted and these crocuses are looking good again.
As of the 15th of March the crocus field has lots of bulbs up, but some pig has been parking their car on part of the crocus field and the bulbs are flattened out.  

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

The snow piled higher and higher

 The lantern in the Japanese/Moss garden.  Shooting from the window under the deck.  I have recently found the name of the plant with the big leaves.  I believe it is the castor oil plant, although it does not have red leaves and I have never seen it bloom.
 Railings on the 12th piled higher with snow.

 A closer look at the fluffy, wet snow piled on the deck railing. 
 The bird bath with at least a foot of snow piled up on it.  Beside it the basil plant had gone to seed and I left it in its pot.  I wonder if any of the seed will germinate. 
 More of the chairs, table and deck piled with snow.  I had cleaned the snow off the bin by the deck door and was putting out the humming bird feeder on it in the morning.  Wish I had taken a photo of it.
 The icicle out the dining room window at its maximum size.  It grew from the melt and repeated freeze.

            The bushes and the power line across the street.
 The david is heaped with snow.  The bamboo is weighted down to the ground  with all the snow on it.
More of the snow piled on the deck railing and the bay laurel behind it.
The bird bath on the deck heaped with at least a foot of  snow.  The basil next to it had gone to seed.  I wonder if any of the seed will germinate.  

Sunday, March 10, 2019

The big snow of February continued

 The snow kept falling over the next 2 or 3 days.  It was just above freezing to make the snow wet from slight melting.  When there was any wind it caused damage to trees and power lines.  There were quite a few people without power.  The children had a snow day or two, and so did some of the working people.  The above is the snow on the deck stairs on the 10th.
 The moss garden under the first blanket of snow.
 the seedheads of a perennial plant at the pond edge covered in snow.  Behind this snow you can see the waterfall running.  The running waterfall keeps a open space on the top of the pond for oxygen exchange in the pond.
 on the 10th the snow piled up on the easterly side of the telephone pole.  The next day the snow was on the opposite side of the post.  I guess that the direction of the wind caused this interesting occurrence. 
 The back deck railings piled with snow with the woodland in the background.  
 An overview of the front garden, shooting out the front window of course.  The hedges became loaded with heavy wet snow.  They have recovered now, though, thank heavens.
 A view of the park trail through the front tree, that is loaded with snow also.
 The david with hat and scarf.   The bamboo is strategically bending in the snow to frame the david.
 This icicle formed in the melt from the roof and continued for a few days.
 More snow fell on the 11th piling up everywhere.
The table and chairs on the deck.  I think we must have had at least a foot of snow... chairsfull of it. 
The pots and the light on the deck with even more snow falling.
You can see why a great snowfall is such an event for me.  The shadows and highlights of all the white create some very interesting photos.