Sunday, January 20, 2019

Created the Garden Journal entries page for 2018

 This is the synopsis of the year 2018 for the Journal entries.  Top right is the fish taken in October.  There is a list of the fish in the purchases on the page.  There are about 2 big comet goldfish, and 2 smaller ones, 4 sarosas, 3 shubunkins and the white one.  Am not sure how many are left in the pond now.  I have seen one or two at the surface of the water recently. The top right photo, is, of course, the pond, taken in January, after the plum tree was removed.  The middle photo, on the right is the stump from the yellow plum tree.  This opens the water garden area to more light.  I am building up the sides of the pond around the stump and across the pond where I have been trying to get rid of the blue bells.  Note:  Smothering the blue bells seems to work.  Both of these pond areas have had more potting soil added and some crocus,  dutch irises, hyacinths, anemone bulbs planted.  There are volunteer foxgloves, and the blue eyed grass.  It should be looking pretty good in February and March. 
The middle left photo is the flower bed under the fig tree.  The fig does not get leaves until later in the season, so the spring bulbs that are in this bed are mostly finished.  I am slowly getting more perennials established in this bed.  There is a maltese cross lychnis, some volunteer honesty, and dames rocket, a small rose, a big peony, and a few others that may not be listed.
The bottom left photo is the Rex Murfitt saxifragias that I have recently put into a larger white pot on the deck.  They grew quite nicely last year.  The right bottom photo is the delesporeum - ice plant - Fire Spinner.  I have taken cuttings of this plant that started quite easily.  Hopefully the one in the back little rockery will have more blossoms this year.
 this is the boulevard garden photo of the area by our driveway.  The French lavender is doing very well, and the lupine goes with the color scheme.  The little geranium thing has grown and spread very nicely.  I can have more of that one.  The bees and butterflies like this area.  Just in front of the this area and next to the street is the crocus field.  Last Autumn I planted about 140 more crocuses bulbs in the crocus field and gave all the area bone meal.  Hopefully, there will be a grand show this year.

Sunday, January 06, 2019

Orchids in bloom in January

 Close up of the Pot. Lisa Taylor Gallis 'Nora' (Blc. California Girl x Sc Beaufort).  The blossoms do not last very long on this orchid. 
 The little phalenopsis orchid has been in bloom for a few weeks. 
 Close up of the phalenopsis.  This one is actually light yellow, but I cannot seem to be able to get its color right.  I was shooting  the plants on the light garden.
The Blc. California Girl x Sc. Beaufort 
Another photo added to Flickr from the Can Am Tour in Spokane in Sept. 2016.  These photos are not getting a lot of attention on Flickr.  I think I will just load them to my web page whenever I get them finished.

Accident, Teddy Bears, CanAm 2016

 I am going to rework my teddy bear photos as a product of Just Bearly's Footography for Flickr. 
 The newest bear from December 2018.  It is from the LB store.  It does not seem to have a name.  I think I will call it Jake.
 On the 3rd of January at about 11:00 am there was a pedestrian hit.  Three or Four Police cars and at least 3 ambulances and the dog pound truck  arrived.  Some of the men were Saanich Police, some were Firemen and some were Paramedics.  They got the guy loaded into the ambulance, then set up the crime scene tape.  The photographer spent some time taking photos.  There was a young woman taken to the scene from up the block (by view was blocked by the house).  She seemed to be in cuffs and looked very distressed.  They eventually took the tapes down and three of the police cars remained on the street until about 5:30.  We have no ideas what happened as there has been no reports in the news, or newspapers. 
 some of the vehicles at the scene as they loaded the person onto the ambulance.
I have been loading a few of my photos from the CanAm in the Palouse area, near Spokane, Washington, in 2016.  This is one of Pat's favourite photos.  These photos are mostly taken from on our Model T, so they are kinda blurry.