Saturday, September 26, 2015

September photo processing

 The oil slick processed in many different ways in Photoshop today.  This is a photo from the Can-Am Model T meet last week end in the Langley, B.C. area.  It was a very well organized and enjoyable meet, run by Mark and Suzanne.  Despite the rain I managed to get quite a few photos to add to the album on my web page, if ever I get the time.  Right now it is more fun playing in photoshop.
 A September sunset taken from  the back deck.  It really was this colorful.  Just added a bit of levels adjustment.
I am slowly getting photos from our trip to the Prairies sorted and processed.  Most are shot from a moving vehicle.  This is a roadside water snapshot from somewhere in Saskatchewan.  
  You can see the Qu'appelle Valley, Saskatchewan, in the far background.
 This is Reed Lake, in Saskatchewan.  A huge lake that is in the Chaplin area of  southwestern Saskatchewan.
More of the Qu'appelle Valley from Highway #6 near Southey, Sask.
I really like the impressionist painters style of this shot.  It has the shimmer of the distance on a hot day in Saskatchewan.  I like the road leading way back to the background showing the distance perspectives and how the train divides the near from the far in photo.

Aside from the Can Am we were away on the Island Challenge run on the September 12th week end.  The weather was wonderfully sunny, and we had the Island's beautiful scenery on the old island highway to Courtenay and back.

I have only had a few days with time out in the garden, and am not getting as much done as I would like to.  We have had some rain and the garden is looking a bit better.  We are removing and pruning back some of the over grown trees and shrubs, which is time consuming work.   The weather forecast for next week is for sunshine, so perhaps I will get some time out in the garden.  The michaelmas daisies, cyclamens, heathers and a few other plants are in bloom.  There are lots of bees in the daisies.  I have a delphinium and a montebretia in bloom on the deck.  I have not put in any Fall annuals, but the chrysanthemums in the stores certainly look terrific.  It has been a good year for figs with all the heat this summer.  We have eaten 40 of them with a few more to ripen on the tree.  Delicious.

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

More from our trip to the Prairies

 This is a composite of two photos. The cows, foreground and sky belong to one photo and the valley is the other.  Both photos are in the Medicine Hat, Alberta area.  They were converted to Jpegs from the RAW files. 
 This one turned into quite a large file while I was processing it.  I had to use a new method I have found for leveling the horizon.  It is so easy, and I am able to keep more of the file than using the old method of arbitrary rotation.  Here is the You Tube for it:
 This is the teepee you will see when you are in Medicine Hat.   Very decorative.
We camped in our usual campground overlooking the valley/river and the power plant.  There is not much of the river to be seen from the top of the hill.  I took this photo to my PSP v.4 to lighten up the foreground to show more detail, using the clarity adjustment.  It was very easy to do also.  I really must explore the PSP more!  There was quite a lot of playing with this to try to make a decent hdr, learning more in photoshop as I went along. 

We have had rain for the last few days.  There has been about an inch and a half in the rain gauge.  The weather forecast is for nice weather on the long week-end.  I have most of the soups that I planned to make finished and frozen.  There will be a few more things done up... spaghetti sauce, perhaps some cabbage rolls.  While I had the oven going to make the supper I put 5 beets in to bake.  I now have some of them frozen, and ready for eating.  They take so long to bake its good to make a few all at the same time.