Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Colquitz River Restoration November 15 walk

 This is the sunset over the ocean and inner harbor on Sunday evening.  I only had my little Sony with me at the time.  The sunset was spectacular and awesome.
 A long zoom at this glob that I, at first thought was plastic.  Apparently this is caused by turbidity in the water.  More about turbidity here.
 This appears to be a natural riffle caused by a fallen tree, I think.  Riffle description: 
a. A rocky shoal or sandbar lying just below the surface of a waterway.
b. A stretch of choppy water caused by such a shoal or sandbar; a rapid.
c. A wave or ripple in such water.
This is the view looking at the top and we see the turbulence as the water falls over the log.  The riffles add oxygen to the water.  The natural vegetation falling in the water decays and feeds the smaller creatures that the fish eat.
 More of the Colquitz River from our walk on November 15, 2015, 
This measuring stake is in the river seen from the little bridge on Loenholm Road, at Wilkinson Road.  The Durrance creek flows into the Colquitz river at this point.  I am not sure who is doing this work, but they have also cleaned garbage out of the river in this area, and created some stone riffles.  The river is running quite high after the recent rains.  We did not see any fish on our walk on this day.  Last Sunday, the 22nd we went to the fish fence and listened to a lot of good information from Chris, as well as few others.  They cleaned out the fence and checked for fish.  Unfortunately, there were none to be seen.  The salmon run is very low this year.  More photos of the sunday walk to follow.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The water garden in early November

 this is the stepping stones that go around the fig tree and lead into the rest of the back garden.
 the view of the renovated pond area.  I have the willows off the deck and placed around the pond. 
The mossy rocks around the waterfall.  Most of the leaves have fallen from the trees at the back and have been skimmed off the water, now.  The moss is coming along nicely on the waterfall rocks. 

 Zoomed in on the water hawthorn in bloom. 
 The fig tree was loaded with figs.  We had over 100 of them to eat.
 Playing with the different settings on my camera last summer.  The black and white.
I have no idea how I got this one, but that is how it looked right out of the camera.  Just a bit of saturation added. 

I moved the orange trees into the house today.  We are getting cooler nights and days, now.  The trees need fertilizing.  The leaves are all yellow.  They are suppose to be an ever green citric tree.  

Saturday, November 07, 2015

November Colors

 The wisteria golden leaves in the western red cedar on November 3. 
 The leaves are beginning to fall  off of the front tree on November 3.  There are still quite a lot of leaves on the tree now, and many more on the ground that need to be raked and mulched with the mower. 
 The front tree, shooting from the street.
 More photos from our trip last summer.  The van in front of the buildings with the little church at the top of the hills at Lebret, Sask.
 Close up of the Lebret Church with the stations of the cross.
 A view of the Qu'appelle valley from Fort Qu'appelle.
This old stone building along the railroad tracks looks well kept up and yet it appears vacant.    The land around it is in a full bloom canola crop.

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

More from our trip in the summer

 An evening take of the Legislative buildings from a couple of days ago.
 Seen doing a flyby of the City Hall, recently.
 Canola field, with Flax in bloom in the background.
 Flax beginning to ripen, with the Canola in the background.
 The railroad crossing to past the slough to the canola field.  There are always power lines in my photos taken along the highways. 
 As we left Winnipeg and headed West there was a cluster of Windmills to be seen. 
 Esplanade Riel is a pedestrian bridge located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It was named in honour of Louis Riel.
It is a side-spar cable-stayed bridge which spans the Red River connecting downtown Winnipeg with St. Boniface; it is paired with a vehicular bridge, the Provencher Bridge. The bridge includes an architectural composite tower that is prestressed with a cantilevered and stayed semi-circular plaza area at the base of the tower. The plaza provides space for commercial activities and as well as a restaurant.
We have had at least 4 inches of rain over the last few days.  Today is a lovely Autumn day with sunshine.