Monday, September 28, 2009

On the ferry

Aug 5 - on our way home from Sask. we were fortunate to be on a ferry where I could go out on the deck. It was quite windy, but I did manage a few good photos. This is the end of the trip.

Princeton to Victoria

Aug. 5th - on our way back home from Saskatchewan. The showers is kinda shabby and run down, but it works. We are on our way by 8:45 and make a stop at the Princeton Husky for gas and I shoot down to the valley at the mill. We have a coffee stop a little later at the roadside by a babbling brook. I tried a movie of this spot, but there was too much wind noise in it. There is so much smoke in the air so that I do not want to stop at Bridal Veil Falls. I am worried about there being another fire raging, closer to Hope. We finally get some radio news and there is no mention of any newer fires. We have our lunch stop at Cultus Lake.

On Friday we drove out to Mission to start our RROC and BDC fuel economy run. We over night in Mission and have a lovely drive up the Fraser Canyon to Merritt. There is no smoke, now, but we do not stop as we are in this contest to see who can use the least fuel on the trip. We stop at the Hell's Gate airtram to take the gondola down to lunch. I cannot get on it, though, so stay at the top and try for photos over the edge. The scenery from here to Merritt is spectacularly stark but beautiful. The colors are just starting to change in the foliage. The group has its award banquet in the old Coldwater Hotel. I miss the sunset happening out side -- drat! Pat and his Bently place 3rd in the contest. Thanks for the organization of a fine run, Bill and Bev. And for the barbeque... sorry we could not stop over for that. More on this later.. with photos of some of the scenery.

This afternoon, at home, the weather has turned a bit colder and we are getting a bit of rain.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Our Perfect Sepetember weather

Last Thursday, we loaded the Model T Ford Speedster on Louis' trailer and headed up to Campbell River for the Can-Am Model T tour. We stopped at 'Bravo' in Duncan for lunch. I had the best Greek Salad and salmon and shrimp in Filo pastry. The tour was excellent. I especially liked the lunch stop at Elk Falls park. The drive to Sayward the next day was very good too. There were a record number of participants and so we were kinda squished into the Lions hall for our banquet. Too bad my stomach was giving me trouble, cause I apparently missed the best barbequed salmon ever on Friday night. On Sunday we took the scenic route home along the old highway with a stop at Qualicum Beach for lunch in a place overlooking the ocean. A fine week end!

Before we left on Thursday, Dan and Irene stopped in with their airstream motorhome on a run up to the top of the Island and to see us on tour. We had dinner at home that Wednesday. After we got back from the tour on Sunday we had the house to ourselves. But our Scottish guests got back on Monday and Dan and Irene were on their way home Monday, too. Tuesday, we walked to Todd Inlet and went out to dinner. Thanks Dan and Irene!

Yesterday, our guests were all gone by mid afternoon. Is it ever quiet!! I took my camera out for a few garden photos. Then, with my raggiest shorts and t shirt I was going to go into the pond and get the filter out. But, it was floating. I had forgotten what kind of filter was on the pump. It is a foam type filer and it just sticks on over the little plastic filter on the pump. I washed it, stuck it back on the pump, and put a plastic mesh bag around the filter and pump. I put it back into the pond and turned on the power. Its working great! While skimming off the pond I found that there are numerous little baby fish, this year! What a bonus!

Today, I managed to get the grass mowed, and topped up the front water feature. The fish in there is still alive! That fish is getting quite old.... it must be at least 5 years old now. There are also little wall lizards everywhere in the garden. I have seen garden snakes across the road, but have not seem any in my garden, yet. I pruned a bit on the back plum tree. Dan had parked his motor home along the front close to the purple plum tree and did a bit of creative pruning on it, which I cleaned up. No damage done.

We have 4 jars of purple plums frozen. When we got home from the tour, all these plums had fallen to the ground. I rescued all of them that I could manage to keep, pitted them and boiled them for a minute or two, then froze them.

Castlegar to Princeton, B.C.

Some of my travel journal from August 4 on our way back to Victoria from Saskatchewan.

- We are up at 7:30. There is only one shower and it is a curtain so I stay in the van to wash. There are big forest fires at Lilloet and Kelowna areas. This is mining, lumbering, farming, ranching country that is going for the tourist attractions with hot springs, skiing, fishing, boating, wild life, etc. We are on our way by 9:00 cross the Columbia river and go up over the Bonanza Pass - 1553 . Stop at Christina lake for gas and lunch of bacon and eggs and buns. (my pictures did not turn out) We stop in Grand Forks for more groceries. Its hot - 33 degrees -- and smokey, hazy. We go through Osoyoos, Cawston, Keremeos (desert like hills, sage brush and fruit stands on irrigated land). Through Hedley. The Similkameen river runs beside the road. We stop at 3:00 at the Nindick Campsite. Its a bit shabby - right along the river. Pat hooks us up and has a well earned beer. I go down to the river for photos. We are almost to Princeton and so it should be an easy run home tomorrow. We have ginger beef, as sidekick tomatoe spahgetti, frozen carrots and broccoli, salad including the avocado. Red wine and grano padano cheese. Too full to eat our Cherry Garcia Icecream. Dishes and walk to the river again. Still very warm but cools when the sun goes down. No radio or tv tonite. I finish reading my book, A Thousand Splendid Summers.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


I like this photo I took last week of Victoria Inner Harbor. We had dinner at the Laurel Point Inn and then walked a bit. Thanks Dan and Carol.

I will continue with our trip from July, as I soon as I free up some time. Probably a week from today. My garden needs attention, also. Its doing surprisingly well considering the neglect for the past 2 months. Michaelmas daisies, fall crocus, mallows and a few other flowers are in bloom. The leaves are just starting to turn colors, adding little gens of color that sparkle with diamonds from the dew or raindrops.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Kimberley to Castlegar, B.C.

Aug. 3 - We are on our way from Bryan and Joan's home using the GPS to find our way back to the highway over some creative routing. We stopped for gas at the Husky noticing quite a lot of road construction happening in Kimberley/Marysville. We have a lunch stop at Moyie Lake with a time change shortly after. We go to Creston and turn north on the #3A road so that we go on the Kootenay Lake ferry. Very smokey and hazey on a 32 degree hot day. We shut off the propane while waiting for the 2:30 ferry. Its a 35 minute ride. Beautiful scenery. We get off the ferry and head for Castlegar. We get lost while trying to see a bit of Nelson. Finally on our way again and get to the Kootenay campsite about 5:30. We get plugged in and have supper - hamberger, washday potatoes, salad, ice cream, zinfandal. Do the dishes and walk to the river (?). Lovely sunset. We need to spend more time in the Kootenays. It is very pretty country.

At home: We got back from the Island Challenge (1927 and prior antique cars rally) which was in the Duncan area. Hot day, which is better than the usual rain we get on this meet. Was good to see everyone. Rosalie, I will have some photos for you in a day or two, I hope.
Our house guests were gone when we got home. Dan and Carol on their way home and the Grants taking a bit of a tour to Vancouver. Our dinner party for the nine of us went fairly well on Thursday.
In the garden, the purple plums are falling on the ground going to waste. I must get out and gather them and freeze them for later use. I will make them into sauce like I did with the yellow plums. The pump in the pond has quit. I guess its filter must be plugged up again. I really must get the big filter out of the bottom of the pond and attach it again. Maybe get a bit of wire to make a cage around the whole thing as added filtering and assuring that the filter stays attached.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Kimberley, B.C.

On Aug 2 we continue on through the spectacular scenery. Pat has phoned Bryan that we are on our way. We follow the #3 and then 95A to Kimberley. Bryan drives us around the area and we have dinner at a Bavarian restuarant. Everything in the town is trying to be Bavarian. The mine shut down 10 years ago and they are looking for tourist traffic in skiing, fishing, trekking, etc. Joan has gone visiting for a couple of days, so we do not get to meet her. They have a lovey home. Bryan has redone all the floors, walls, ceilings and is now working on his boat. He does very very good work. It seems quite a few of the people in our age group are renovating at this time. The general attitude seems to be to get the big ticket items paid for now and be considering downsizing in 10 to 20 years. Don and Debbie have, in fact, bought their retirement home out in a smaller community and will be looking to sell their home in the city in a few months when he is finished working.

At home I am reading The Kite Runner. I am half finished it already. A very good book.

Franks Slide, Alberta

August 2nd of our trip to Saskatchewan: It rained last nite, was noisy and the micro wave started peeping again. We set off about 9:30 up the Crowsnest Pass Highway. We stop to see the Lundbreck Falls. There are many tents along the river and people fishing. They must have got a bit wet last night. Its a lovely spot. We stop at the Interpretive Center at Franks Slide I have quite a lot of photos of this spot, as I probably won't be back again for a long time, if ever. I bought the book about it and have yet to read it. Also got a new teddy bear. We carry on throught the spectacular scenery and stop for lunch at Fernie.

At home: yesterday I made a salmon dinner for the 6 of us. Some of us spent half the day watching the football game. Was a good day. Today: everyone disappeared before I was up and so we had the day to ourselves. Was another good day. It rained yesterday. I have purple plums in the house, but they are not quite ready to eat just yet.