Thursday, September 03, 2009

Swift Current, Sask., Campground

July 31st - we finished off this day in the Swift Current, Sask., Trail Campsite. A nice spot with views over the hills. We had our previously prepared rice/sausage caserole, wine and Swiss emental cheese. This is our last night in Saskatchewan. I regret the lack of lightning photos. I just did not seem to get the opportunity. I am pretty happy with all the prairie photos, though. After eating, I we went out for a while and caught the sunset light. There were bugs, this time, so I did not spend too much time out there.

Today at home I spent a bit of time on the new site, and on house work. Apparently we had rain with wind, thunder and lightning. I slept through it all. Tonite we went to The Greek Days festival at the church next to the swimming pool. The food was pretty good and there was folk dancing. I have a movie that I shall add to my youtube account and eventually post on my video spot at the bottom of the page.

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