Friday, September 04, 2009

Alberta bound

Alkaline deposits in an S curve. Wouldn't this be a terrific sunset spot? Too bad we had no time to stop.
The Saamis Teepee is a roadside attraction located in Medicine Hat, Alberta. It is the largest teepee in the world standing giant 215 Feet (65.5 Metres) and was originally built for the 1988 Winter Olympics that were held in Calgary Alberta as a symbol of Canada's native heritage.
These deer were along the roadside, as we turned into the Medicine Hat, Alberta, information center, where we stopped for lunch.
This structure was across the road from the Maple Creek Junction where we stopped for gas.
Golden fields at the end of July. I am not sure what the crop is.

The cows in the sage. I like the slant of the railroad track. I believe the coes are perpendicular.

Rolling hills of Southwestern Sask and southeastern Alta. is primarily ranching country and oil industry.

more alkalai. I liked the bales in the distant field.
An abstract with the colors saturated somewhat. The curves of the hills and the straight line of the railroad tracks for more contrasts.
An oil well.

August 1st - Swift Current to Pincher Creek, Alberta. This was another good travel day. The showers at the campsite last night were coin-op but very good showers. We stopped at Maple Creek Junction to get fuel. Next stop was Medicine Hat information center for lunch. Eggs, ham and cheese in a bun.

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