Thursday, September 24, 2009

Our Perfect Sepetember weather

Last Thursday, we loaded the Model T Ford Speedster on Louis' trailer and headed up to Campbell River for the Can-Am Model T tour. We stopped at 'Bravo' in Duncan for lunch. I had the best Greek Salad and salmon and shrimp in Filo pastry. The tour was excellent. I especially liked the lunch stop at Elk Falls park. The drive to Sayward the next day was very good too. There were a record number of participants and so we were kinda squished into the Lions hall for our banquet. Too bad my stomach was giving me trouble, cause I apparently missed the best barbequed salmon ever on Friday night. On Sunday we took the scenic route home along the old highway with a stop at Qualicum Beach for lunch in a place overlooking the ocean. A fine week end!

Before we left on Thursday, Dan and Irene stopped in with their airstream motorhome on a run up to the top of the Island and to see us on tour. We had dinner at home that Wednesday. After we got back from the tour on Sunday we had the house to ourselves. But our Scottish guests got back on Monday and Dan and Irene were on their way home Monday, too. Tuesday, we walked to Todd Inlet and went out to dinner. Thanks Dan and Irene!

Yesterday, our guests were all gone by mid afternoon. Is it ever quiet!! I took my camera out for a few garden photos. Then, with my raggiest shorts and t shirt I was going to go into the pond and get the filter out. But, it was floating. I had forgotten what kind of filter was on the pump. It is a foam type filer and it just sticks on over the little plastic filter on the pump. I washed it, stuck it back on the pump, and put a plastic mesh bag around the filter and pump. I put it back into the pond and turned on the power. Its working great! While skimming off the pond I found that there are numerous little baby fish, this year! What a bonus!

Today, I managed to get the grass mowed, and topped up the front water feature. The fish in there is still alive! That fish is getting quite old.... it must be at least 5 years old now. There are also little wall lizards everywhere in the garden. I have seen garden snakes across the road, but have not seem any in my garden, yet. I pruned a bit on the back plum tree. Dan had parked his motor home along the front close to the purple plum tree and did a bit of creative pruning on it, which I cleaned up. No damage done.

We have 4 jars of purple plums frozen. When we got home from the tour, all these plums had fallen to the ground. I rescued all of them that I could manage to keep, pitted them and boiled them for a minute or two, then froze them.

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