Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The land of the living skies

I have my camera set to take the wide format. This is the last photo before we find our campsite for the nite at Swift Current.
Sodium Sulfate being mined at Chaplin, Sask.
More of the mineral used in industry.

I could have cropped out the cows but I rather like the whimsical aspect of them sitting at the top of the frame.

On July 31 we drove from Wadena to our campsite at Swift Current, Sask. The rolling hills in the primarily ranching area around Swift Current are very picturesque. As you can see quite a few of my photos are done while in a moving vehicle. I don't mind the blur, it seems to add a 'impressionistic' quality to the photos that hold grasses moving in the wind, even if the photos were taken with camera on tripod. I like the motion.

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