Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Snow and new site meter

I raked the leaves and clipped down the burning bush that the snow knocked down.

I found my site meter on my page not working so I loaded a new one. This time I managed to get one just like the one on my blog. Its very cool.

Just some photos from the snow and one from before the snow. Too bagged to write more.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Day 8 - Bamberg.

I have written the text and tweaked the photos up to the 8th day of our River Cruise from Amsterdam to the Black Sea. I really am enjoying reviewing my travel journal, the tour info pages, and my photos. Hopefully, I will have it finished and loaded to my page by Christmas.


It snowed last nite! This morning it is icy and melting. My pond is open, but the fish in the deck tub and the mermaid tub at the front need holes melted through the ice so they can get oxygen. My iceberg rose is still blooming, my leaves need raking up. My little variegated holly bush is covered with these red berries. The firetorn is also, but the birds should soon find them and they will be gone in no time. The birds do not seem to eat the hollies berries so readily. Wish I could have taken pictures of the new snow, last nite. It was like a fairytale land out there. Beautiful. Now the snow is all messed up and the trees and shrubs are groaning under the weight of the wet snow.

BMOC Party, Phal., Grey Cup, etc,

On Saturday we went over to Tom and Diane's to attend the BMOC christmas party. Good food, good friends, nice party. On the ferry over we talked travel with Howard and Margaret who were going over to their Bike Groups party also. On Sunday Diane and I walked all around her neighbourhood, to 2 plant nurseries - long walk. We headed for the 1:00 ferry and made it - had lunch and found Howard and Margaret were on the same ferry again. Nice visit. They have done some interesting trips.

The Grey Cup was taking place at B.C. Stadium, with Edmonton Eskimoes playing against the Montreal Alouettes. It was on TV pre dinner time. The game went into overtime and Edmonton won 38 - 35. What a game. Wish I had watched all of it.

This litte Dominion Seed House Phal. is blooming for me again. The Pansie orchid is just finishing its blooms. The African violets are doing ok. The air plant is still green but its flower is drying.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Heidelburg Castle

I am slowly getting my photos tweaked and the text done for our trip on my Travel page. It was Day 5 when we were at Heidelburg. A cold and overcast/rainy day. We toured the castle and had a scrumptious lunch at the Ritter Hotel. Heidelburg is a University town. A lovely little place, even after our experience of the parking trip on our first trip here on another ocassion.
Brian M. is making some interesting new innovations on the latest, a slide show. If ever I get time, I shall have to update my portfolio there and create presentations, perhaps something on each of my pages on my web site - gardening, photography, travel and my town.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Pansy Orchid

Tara and Andy took good care of the place and my plants. The Vuly Cambria Carnival had buds when we left and it is now in full bloom. This is flash, on flourescent, against a dark blue background. Interesting what that white balance setting does to the flash and colors.

I am slowly getting the laundry, etc., caught up. We are both getting over our colds.

What a trip!

We arrived home a couple of days ago. The food, services, tours, everything was terrific. I could have stayed longer. The weather was a bit cooler. We did have some good Autumn color at the beginning of the trip. We had a couple days of sunshine, but mostly fog. We had 78 passengers when the capacity was 138, so we were upgraded to a cabin with 2 large windows, and 2 floors up from what we booked. We are so totally fortunate! We finished the trip with 2 nights in the Marriot Hotel in Bucharest and bus tours to Bran and around the city! Excellent guides -- too bad the weather was so crappy. Most everyone caught this nasty cold thing, too. I will save the rest for my page, I think.

Steve Haig is going to be loading his photos at and go to The great adventure. Should be interesting. Godaddy just dropped 900% more space on my page so I can add pictures and pdf slides if I want to. I should do a pdf of the trip with good ship lollipop for music. :)) Lloyd wants to see my pictures, so I shall skip to 2005 in my Travel page, I think. I have an idea that I want to do day one, two, etc. with text; so perhaps a page for each day, with 1 row of 4 pics per day.. maybe more pages for some days, like the Horseshow, or the locks stuff.