Sunday, February 23, 2014

February snow

 Snow streaks over the plum tree in the back garden
 Small snow flakes through the tree and over the park path
 Larger snow blobs through the tree and over the park path
 Snow balls and orbs past the tree limbs
 Snow streaks in the back garden
 Shorter snow streaks in the back garden.
I was playing with AV, TV and Manual settings to get the different sizes of snow flakes that were falling yesterday morning.  By mid-afternoon most of the snow was gone.  We got a bit more today.  The driving conditions are going to be treacherous tomorrow morning. 
I have finished sizing and tweaking 165 photos for my July album of the Gardening page of my old web site.  This lily is one of my favourites.   I found a very good simple web gallery generator that I can edit in my notepad; as it is simple html in the parts I need to edit.  It looks better  than the old photoshop album creator I was using.  It will take me a while to edit all the pages.  I am looking forward to playing; AND actually making some progress on getting the page completed.
Yeaaaaaa, Canada did well at the Olympics, finishing off the games with a shut out in the Men's hockey final game for the gold.

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