Monday, August 10, 2009

More mountains

You can see the reddish brown trees in the forest. The pine beetle is devastating our forests in B.C.

I had expected to get more and better photos of the wild sheep and goats on our way to Edmonton, but this is the only opportunity I had. I believe these are young mountain sheep. Correct me if I am wrong, please.
I am not sure what these seed heads are, but they look a lot like a plant in my garden that is growing vigorously on rocks and clay. It might be called mountain avens. It has lovely dark green, evergreen foliage, with white flowers that turn into these decorative seed heads.

On the 19th we traveled from Valemont to Edmonton, on a cloudy, cool day. Perfect for traveling and pretty good for photos, too. We had a coffee break by the Fraser River just after Moose Lake. Our next stop was lunch in a mall parking lot in Hinton. Pat gets groceries while I heat up the lentil chowder, foccacio bread and we top it off with yogurt. Not bad for a camping lunch!. :-) We have had a time change to Alberta time. Our GPS is running with John and Colleen's address as the destination. Its taking us down highway 16 (the yellowhead). I will never get tired of our beautiful scenic mountains.

Yesterday, I played more with my youtube account, as you might be able to see from the video at the bottom of my blog page. Its rainy and cool outside.

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