Friday, August 07, 2009

There and back again

We left home on July 16 to travel to Saskatchewan in our Dodge Lodge primarily to attend the Batshutski's 40th wedding anniversary party. We spent 21 days visiting and sight seeing. It was a very full 21 days.

On the first day we visited Lloyd, Jo and some of their family, if only briefly. Lloyd made a wonderful dinner and we enjoyed this feast on the deck, in the evening. We visited Jo in the hospital and she seems to be doing as well as expected. Hope she gets her own room soon.
In the morning we left before 10:00 and arrived at John and Jaromey's place in Clearwater about mid afternoon. We had a scrumptious dinner of seafood lasgne. Another feast! Fortunately neither of them worked the next day, so we were taken up to Helmcken Falls in the Wells Gray Park. After our picnic lunch we headed down the road to get to Valemount campground for the evening. Thanks for everything J & J.
In Valemount we had our previously prepared dinner in the van. It was cloudy and later that night we had rain, some thunder and lightning. To be continued ...

At home on the 5th and unpacked. Yesterday was laundry day and I topped up the pond. Today I managed to mow the lawn, do a bit of clean up in the garden, and some watering. The violets are back with a vengeance! I will just keep after them until they are gone. Everything is pretty dry, as they had some very hot weather while we were away. I have lost 3 of the new little plants, but they can be replaced. In the light garden, I have 2 orchids in bloom -- the pretty pink mini cattelaya and the light yellow, spotted burgundy ladyslipper.

I will be sending emails and thank you notes to our hosts as I get them tweaked and downsized.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back. Hope you had a good and unwinding time. I like these scenes.