Monday, August 17, 2009

At Saskatoon

July 21

We arrived at Gerry and Bev's home late afternoon. The GPS was helpful in finding our way. There was quite a lot of traffic as I believe we were in the rush hour traffic. Was good to see them. We spent some time visiting and went out for Chinese food.. seems to be an old tradition of ours with them. :-) After dinner Gerry drove us around to see the town. The river front is developed into a fine park. We saw the old places where we all lived.. still standing and finished off with a gorgeous sunset.

At home today we have had another lovely day. I should have been out but played on my computer, uninstalled and re-installed Chrome browser, played a lot on the new site. They have got so much done on it, now! And as Cyrus says... so much to do yet.

Yesterday we went to a picnic with the VCCC group to some new members' lovely garden. Was a nice drive, with Botins to accompany us. Lovely home and gorgeous gardens, but I just did not feel like taking pictures.

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