Monday, August 10, 2009

Wild flowers

I am still posting photos from July 19 when we are on the way to Edmonton from Valemont. These wild flowers were along the road into a capped oil or gas well. This is our coffee stop about an hour out of Hinton and just past Edson. This is the best collection of wild flowers I have seen on the whole trip. There are wood lilies, Indian paintbrush, daisies, red, purple, white and yellow clovers all in bloom here. There is water in the ditches.
On to John and Colleen's house arriving late afternoon. We have a yummy pork chop casserole for dinner. Colleen shows me around their home, where they have finished the renovations. We hear about the horrendous wind storm that Edmonton suffered yesterday and last night. There was quite a bit of property damage, but no injuries, as far as I know. We are off to our 'room' by about 11:00.

At home today, it is realy quite cool -- 16 and light rain. It seems I haven't accomplished much today, but have enjoyed the lazy day. I am having trouble getting more videos loaded to youtube and have no idea why. I especially want to load the one of Colleen and the Japanese bell from the next day's adventure in our trip.


Barbara said...

The photo's are all lovely maggie, I think I favor the colorful daisies above all. The earth is mother natures canvas, and when she paints, her art surpasses anyrhing we can create. But we earthlings can capture her beauty, more so since digital camera's were invented.

Thank you for sharing, looking through your eyes has been a pleasure.

Maggie said...

I am glad you are enjoying the photos. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. Its much appreciated.