Monday, August 24, 2009

Sing another prairie tune

On July 24 after arriving at Don and Debbie's we decide to go out for dinner at Lakeshore. Nice upscale restraurant. Don and Debbie are renovating their home and doing a fine job of it. Looks very nice.
On July 25 we have a leisurely morning with breakfast/brunch at the Husky. Visit with Albert K. Don drives us about a bit.. no photo stops. Its another very hot day. We get back and all go for naps or breaks. Don, Pat and I go out to Silton about 4:00 to arrive 5-ish. This is to be a surprise party for Albert and Audrey B.'s 40th wedding anniversary. We are suppose to hide our cars on the side streets of Silton... oh yeah right, and go into the hall to await their arrival at 6:00. There is dinner, cake, pictures and visiting. Pat and Don were both in the wedding party. After the dinner we go back to Regina before the dancing starts. The sunset photos are from Silton. My party photos did not turn out at all. More talking of old times when we are back. Don goes out to The Junction where people he knows from the Kelliher Leross area meet for coffee every Sunday morning. Pat joins the guys for coffee and I manage to spend some quality time with my camera. .. more of this morning to follow.

At home today: I have frozen 4 1/2 more jars of yellow plum sauce. I picked 48 plums, peeled and pitted them. Boiled them with 1/2 cup of sugar for about 5 minutes to kill any bacteria. I then put them in the jars, cool them and freeze them. We enjoy this sauce with ice cream or frozen yogurt, over little strawberry cake cups, on pancakes.

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