Friday, August 28, 2009

Wadena to P.A.

Some of the kittens from 2 litters. They lived on the deck, outside.
The reflecting pond at the end of the orchard
Pat painted this rainbow and has a pot with golden flowers at the end of the rainbow. The other end of this is painted with a huge yellow sun and small flowers with a even smaller red butterfly. Very creative.
The meadow and park
This makes good garden art, but it is a communications tower - one from their company to provide internet service to the rural areas around Prince Albert, and beyond.
Garden helper
lovely big bell flowers
I think I am getting tired of seeing canola fields. I edited this one to try and give it that abstract appearance.
Lunch stop was at the Beatty elevator under a stormy sky.
As we drove along I was seeing these red flowers in the ditch. We had a coffee stop and when I got out I found that the flowers were red clover. There was yellow, blue, purple and white clover.
July 28, we leave Wadena about 11:00. There had been rain last night, so did not get a great sleep. We head up the road to Prince Albert and follow Pat Z's directions to get to the farm. Don and their exchange student are out making hay. Pat and I enjoy a good visit and tour of her garden. Its very extensive. I did not get photos of her vegetable garden. It is producing an abundance of fresh vegetalbes. We had a fresh garden salad for supper with the scrumptious meatballs and spaghetti. The guys got back in from making hay by about 9:00. That's the way it goes on the farm -- you harvest while you have the sun. We spend the night in the dodge lodge, with coffee in the morning and we are off to an early start. Thanks for the lovely visit... was so good to see you, Don and Pat!

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