Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dysart and back to Regina

The valley.
At the cemetery. I have more of these photos if any family members are interested.
The grain elevator at Dysart
Leaning left. :-) Yes, it is on the old farm.
The old combine resides off to the right of the old barn.
The old barn has seen better days. The folks who live here now have renovated the house and it looks good. They say the barn's days are numbered, so I am glad I got there to take these photos. Thanks again Dan for taking us. I would never have done it on my own.
The old barn from the front.
What's left of the old stone church.
The clover makes a nice foreground for these old ruins.

Crop circles?

July 23 - We continue our trip past Lipton and take a drive up the old road to see the ruins of the old stone church. It is slowly, very slowly disintegrating. We continue down this road and get a glimpse of Jumping Deer Creek and what may have been Eric the Elf's house. Next stop is the farm where we grew up. The old barn and granaries are due to disappear. The folks who live there now have renovated the house and it looks very good. After our stop at the farm we head into Dysart and take a quick drive around. Very quiet place. Looks like it had been spruced up a bit for the reunion that both and Dan and I missed due to studiously ignoring it. We don't have time to stop at the pub, as it is getting to be late afternoon. We stop at the cemetery and then continue on to Regina past Southey. Carol wants to try a roast in the barbeque, so she puts it on and we all have naps or breaks after our tour. Our dinner was later but well worth waiting for ... yumm.

Today at home I have managed to get some house stuff done, including getting the new sofa bed made up for our guests. Its a bit early, but at least I know the bedding fits and it will work as a good, comfortable bed, I think. There is more room in there now, with this new sofa bed. I finished up the vacuuming, using my new little dust buster on a handle. Oh I am happy with that little machine. It has a rechargeable battery and is light and easy to use. I think I will be doing more cleaning now, its so much better than dragging an electrical cord around the house.

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