Monday, August 24, 2009


On July 24 we have breakfast in the van, and see Bev who has popped in for a minute, as we are in to say our good-byes and thanks. We get to see Jordan's new house. He has designed it and has been watching them build it to be sure he gets what he wants in it. Its a lovely home! We are to meet Sean and Deb at their house and then go to lunch at Golf's. After lunch we go to the Legislative grounds and walk a bit. Thanks so much Sean and Debbie -- was good to see you. Its a very hot day. We are on our way over to Don and Debbie's place to arrive after 5:00. We get a bit lost and have to set up the GSP to find their house.

At home, on Sunday, I prepared and froze 4 1/2 jars of yellow plum sauce. Each jar holds 2 cups and it takes approximately 12 plums to make up the 2 cups of sauce. I peel them and pit them, add a bit of sugar and boil them just long enough to kill any bacteria. The sauce is scrumptious on pancakes or in strawberry cakes for dessert.

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