Friday, August 28, 2009

Back to Wadena

On July 29, we are up by 6:00 to shower and coffee on the deck. We set off in a cloudy day. After a bit of shopping at a mall we meet Al H. at his home to go for lunch at the golf club. He is doing ok, after recently and suddenly losing DeeDee. On our way back to Wadena arriving 5:00 and go out to dinner. Pat stays up to visit. We have rain again over night.

Today was coolish and cloudy at home too. My firefox browser has stopped playing youtube videos or any videos.... I think I might dump it and get safari. My chrome browser works fine with videos. I should probably make Chrome my default browser. There are others having this Firefox problem... the best thing to do is just leave everything as is. I tried all the suggested things I could find and none of it helped. The most help I read was to be told to leave things as is... they will fix it... it is not YOU.

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