Friday, August 14, 2009

Running back to Saskatoon 2

The dragon fly is the last photo from at our lunch stop.

Please click this photo and look at the large size

July 21
After our lunch stop we continue on to Saskatoon. Saskatchewan is known as the land of living skies. I have uploaded quite a few prairie scenes, mostly of elevators or grain storage and trains today. This trip has been very good for prairie scene photos. I have had the camera set for wide angle format with the wide angle attachment on it. Some of the photos I have cropped even more towards the panoramic view and I have left them at a wider size than usual because the height is less than usual. The photo of the North Saskatchewan river indicates that at this point we are nearing our coffee stop shortly after the Borden bridge.

At home today: I managed to get the old black garden hose out to replace the damaged green one, and topped up the garden pond. We had a good rain yesterday and still have cooler temperatures today. It was just right out side for gardening. I clipped back the topiary and swept up all the leaves and clippings off the patio area. The virginia creeper got a bit of clipping back and still needs more. I took out the finished bloom stalks on the agave. The rose of sharon is in bloom. I might be able to fit in a butterfly bush where we took out the big thorny rose bush. I recently watched a video that said to cut the buddleia down nearly to the ground in the late winter/early spring.

The yellow plums are ready and so are the blackberries. I must get out and pick and freeze some of both of them!

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