Saturday, August 22, 2009

Lebret, Jumping Deer Creek

July 23 has been a very busy day and walk down memory lane. After the Fort, we go to Lebret and visit the cemetery where some of Pat's relatives are buried. I have a few photos of gravestones if any family members are interested. After this visit we carry on to Dysart with a stop at the old road that crossed Jumping Deer Creek.

At home: On Wednesday, we went out to the Fernwood Inn for dinner and then over to see Wingfield at the Belfrey. Was a fine night out! On Thursday, we went to Victoria Orange Hall in Fernwood to see Buckaroo. This is a one man play, also. Its about a cattle drive from Oregon to the gold rush fields at Chilcotin. This ties in with my recent reading on this era of B.C. history. The play was very well done.

In the garden on Thursday I managed to get the grass mowed, dead headed more perennials, and topped up the pond. The pump was stuffed up and so I had to clean its filter. In dragging the pump to the surface, the big filter fell off. I cannot reach it at the bottom of the pond. I will have to wade into the pond to get it, which I was just not prepared to do today. So, the small filter will have to do for now. I will rescue the big one, next week, maybe. The yellow plums are very ripe and falling off the tree. I really must freeze some of them. I was delighted to see the blue plums on the tree today. Even though there are lots of them on the ground, there are quite a few on the tree yet!! They are not ripe, yet. Would be great if they ripened when our guests are here in September.

I have been spending quite a bit of time playing on the new site... testing things and reporting any bugs, I find.

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