Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Regina to Fort Qu'Appelle

On July 23 we have a lovely breakfast on the deck. We kick around a few ideas of what to do and decide to go out to the Fort. There are a couple of photo stops along the way and many comments about who lives here or there and is a client! They own an Insurance Agency. We get to downtown Fort Qu'Appelle and Carol takes me to a funky dress shop where we both find something that is calling out our name. The guys go to the RM office and get maps. Find good flip flops at Fields. Then on to lunch at the Bistro Off Broadway. Another funky little place, owned and operated my Monique from Quebec City. Fine food and entertaining lady. She suggests we see the pelicans at the weir. Pat and I go there after lunch and Dan takes Carol in search of the other good dress shop in town.

At home -- another lovely day that I have spent inside, doing nothing too exciting, but busy all day. Life is good on the West Coast. Recently I finished reading the Lawman, a book about the early BC Provincial Police. Now I am reading about the Bride Ships from approximately the same time. I never thought Canada had very interesting history, but I am really liking this stuff. I may be hooked on Canadian history, now. Especially, since we are thinking of going to see the Rideau Canal, Quebec City, Montreal and another small river cruise for the St. Lawrence Seaway. All of this, hopefully, next September or October. I would like to take a train out and maybe fly back. We still need to plan it.


Tara Smith said...

This page is my fave from your trip. Thanks for sharing! You take some beautiful shots! I'm always in awe. I just had a nosy through them all this afternoon! You'll have to tell me all about Eric the Elf's place since the pic didn't work out ;)!

Maggie said...

Thanks so much for the time spent and lovely compliments.

Eric the Elf's house was shimmering in the sunlight in glimmers of gold and green, ever changing, and sparkling. As I tried to zoom it with my telephoto lens it seemed to turn the green/gold of the grasses swaying on the hilltops... Well, I really think your Daddy might have some helf (Elfish for help) in this regard. Helf Helf Dan!