Sunday, August 30, 2009

Saskatchewan, the land of the living skies

purple vetch, I believe.
The CN railroad repair crew at work.

the dodge lodge.
The best elevator picture of the trip. Raymore.
The green elevator or storage facilicy at Raymore.
swathed fields. I think it is hay though.
outstanding cows.
bee hives for the crop pollinating bees set in a field of alph alpha. These bees, according to John La. have more robust pollinating ability than the honey bees we normally see. They need this strength to get into the alph alpha blooms.
On July 31, we left Wadena about 10:00 am. The domed church looks quite different in the daylight. Thanks Fran and Bonnie for the hospitality and very interesting tour of Northern Sask. It was very enjoyable, despite the weather. On the 31st the land of the living skies is more apparent. There will be a few posts for this day, as there were quite a few good photo opportunities. We made our way to Raymore, and stopped by the elevator for our lunch stop. This place afforded quite a few interesting prairie photos. Ham and cheese in a bun for lunch... nothing too fancy, but good.

Today, at home, was another perfect day. Our yellow plums are almost finished.. and so am I finished with them. Last night, I was up until all hours reading, after spending some time on the new site. Cyrus is inviting a few more of his friends. I think I will wait until we are gone public, before being too vocal about it. But the site really rocks! You will see in a few more weeks.

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