Sunday, August 09, 2009

Mountains and clouds

On the 19th of July we were on our way to Edmonton via the Yellowhead route. We had rain last nite, a bit of thunder and lightning, but nothing frightening. (oh all right.. I had to say it. I actually love thunder storms) Our micro wave oven was possessed and we had to exorcise it last nite too, so we did not get the best of sleeps. The oven peeps and peeps if the power has gone off and back on... I think. Restarting the clock seems to fix it.

Irvin's Campsite was its usual ... clean and room for us, with the rim of mountains all around.

Our Rocky mountains are awesome. I must have half a GB of these photos and I intended to keep all of them. They are not RAW files nor the largest size, so I have storage space for them. The whole trip only used up about 1 3/4 GBs and I am deleting a few as I look them over wth a view to tweaking, and downsizing for the web.

There will be more postings for this day, as I had some very good photo opportunities.

Yesterday I spent quite a bit of time on the new photo sharing site. The site is coming along slowly, but it is a huge place and really marvelous. I spend very little time on Flickr or anywhere, now. I just don't have the time.

I signed up for a You Tube account yesterday so that I could load my movies from the Canon S3 IS to my blog, or to my account at the new site. But mostly, I did it so I could figure out how. I think I will only load one video at once, on my blog. and put in a link to my youtube account. I have a lot to learn about this youtube account, yet! My movies, of course are very amature ... most of them will be un-edited too. Something else I wish I had more time to spend on these creations.


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