Saturday, July 11, 2009

More flowers from June

This is a close up of a musk mallow. Its a tall plant and seeds all around the garden. It is in bloom every where now and really fills in the garden nicely. It is easy to control and very obliging in a long period of bloom. It is quite tall and has many of these lovely pink flowers almost all summer.
This is the iceberg rose bush by the front door. I have let fireweed grow with the rose as I like the color combination. I rather like how this one is framed.
I searched my plant lists for the name of this plant and could not find it. I have a pink one, blue one, and white one in this planting next to the Carl Teschner hebe. They are rather messy plants. I like the leaves, though and the flowers are very delicate and lovely, but not showy.
This is my best peony. I moved 5 peonies, to the two front triangle beds, about 12 years ago. At the time the soil was still quite heavy clay. I have improved the soil a bit, but I think I should dig up my peonies and amend the soil more, then replant them. I understand that they do not want to be planted too deep. I may have planted the others too deep, as this, and one other are the only ones that bloom. Perhaps this Fall, I will have time to lift them and amend the soil.
This is a decorative orgeano. It has these very delicately colored blossoms. It is slowly spreading along the stone path, as edging, in front of the montebretias and roses. I have pinks further along this side of the path, as edging.
I don't recall the name of this plant. It is evergreen and covered with these lovely daisy like flowers over a long bloom period. This is in the sundial circle and expanding slowly. It is easily trained to go where I want it to be, within the little circle.
This is the hebe, Carl Teschner, in full bloom. This is the plant that is by the smoke bush, with its dark maroon leaves. You can see the reddish sedum that is next to the hebe and adjoins the little sundial circle's stone path.
This is a little well behaved perennial geranium in full bloom about 3 weeks ago. It is now finished blooming and after I cut off the dead blossoms it will bloom again. Its a excellent little plant and evergreen. It is by the steps up to the back garden. I have another one in the front that is not quite so floriforus. I believe it is 'ballerina'.

I mowed the grass paths and 'grass frame' to the front garden, as well as the little patch in the back under the apple tree. I have added a few stones to the stone path at the back and it is almost finished now. The irish moss and corsican mint is filling in between the stones. I weeded out the little clover and any other weeds I could find. The path and the stepping stones are going to be surrounded by the little green ground covers. I must keep all other weeds out, though. I continued the weeding of the stone path into the Japanese area up to the pond and to the veggie patch, pulling out blue eyed grass and any other unwanted plants. I weeded the moss garden and pruned one of the rhodos back a bit so that it is less gangly looking. The moss garden and little dry stream are beginning to look pretty good. The use of some uncluttered area makes the Japanese garden look so much bigger. I think this area is a better balance, now with the pond area.


MonaLisa said...

Photo #3 is of 'tradescantia', aka spiderwort.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you may want to add a twitter icon to your website. Just marked down the url, however I had to make this by hand. Just my $.02 :)

Maggie said...

I don't twitter. You just marked down the URL? Is that anything like using a bookmark?