Thursday, July 09, 2009

More plants from the June garden

A close up of the scaboisia (pin cushion flower). These are excellent perennials in the gardens, back and front. With a little attention to dead heading, they have a contiuous bloom all summer and into the Fall. I must reward them with a mulch of compost.
This siberian iris was the most prolific bloomer this year. Hopefully, after the attention they got to cleaning them up this year, they will produce a better show next year. They look nice now as a taller stand of thin leaves.
A white siberian Iris. I have a few of these Iris growing behind the cement David in the front garden. The leaves are very thin, almost grass like. So, of course, this patch of iris became infested with a noxious grass. I spent quite a lot of time removing that grass while trying not to mistake irises for the grass. I will have to keep an eye on it, so that grass does not get away on me again. I like how these irises look next to the david, with the black bamboo behind them, and the hedge behind the bamboo. It makes a nice taspestry of greens with fine leaves that move in the wind.
The few strawberries have long since been eaten. Next year, I should see more fruit, as these particular plants are only in their second year.
This tall golden achillea (yarrow) is newly planted to the garden at the back, last year. It is a bit floppy but has long lasting blossoms. It has lower yellow blooming plants around it. Hopefully, they will fill in their allotted spaces and this will be a bright, cherry spot in this back garden bed with the stepping stones running through it.

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Laurel said...

I love the photos here and can say that I really appreciate them. I personally grow the yarrow and the strawberries. I actually recently found FALL strawberries at Garden Harvest Supply and am ordering my now. GHS is the only nursery I use regularly. It saves me gas, I'm always happy with the potted and ready-to-grow plants and their prices are reasonable. What a time saver! Here's the link for the Fall Strawberries: P.S. They also have yarrows.