Thursday, July 09, 2009

Some Garden photos from June 8th

A close up shot of the welsh poppy. Its a very delicate flower on long stems, with fern like foliage. Very pretty and self seeds around just a bit.
This is the welsh poppy on the woodland path by the garage. This very lovely little poppy likes some shade. It also grows under the deck.
This is how the grapes looked last month. They are getting a bit bigger.
The seahorse sits at the bottom of the deck by the steps. I keep the ferns clipped back to let it peek out of the greenery.
The clematis has grown around the water tub on the deck. It adds a nice decorative aspect to the tub.
This little wasp hive is under the top railing of the deck. The wasps are constantly gathering wood from the deck to build their nests.

We had another cool, cloudy day with bits of rain. I was out for about an hour dead heading roses and weeding a bit. I cut back the liquid amber tree a bit, as it was hanging over the paths. I cut out the yellow leaves where the spot on the boxwood hedge was destroyed. I hope the plant comes back again. As I cut down to remove the yellow leaves, the wood appeared to be alive closer to the ground. I cut back the plum tree off the deck a bit, too. Now I can see down to the pond and the Japanese garden area.

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