Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Roses in June

Peace rose, the bud.
Peace rose, fully open, in more even light.
Peace rose in shadow and light.
This is iceberg, floribunda, I think. A very good white rose. It is right by the entrance. I have to contstantly prune it back off the doorbell and so have lots of indoor rose boquets. Its a good photogenic rose. I have better photos than this one, but this is how it looked the day I had time to shoot it, in June.
A David Austin rose -- Gertrude Jekyll. Pink, very fragrant. A very good rose.
A very floriferous David Austin rose in a deep purple red. Very fragrant. I cannot find its name in my google searches. The blooms look a little ragged, maybe that is why this one is not memorable in the nurseries. I really like the color and the hugh lovely fragrance. I will have to go way back to my old garden journals to try find it's name.
This is 'simplicity'. Its a very delicate pink tea rose. I have let it grow quite tall and now stands about 10 - 12 feet high.

These are all the roses I have room for in my garden. I have two minatures at the back, one of which is growing quite tall. Neither of them are too impressive. But they do carry blooms for a long time. These roses will go on blooming almost until Christmas time, depending on hard of a frost we get in the Fall. Something has been attacking my roses this year. I have seen buds, petals and leaves with holes. I don't seem to have afids though. Blackspot on the tea roses, the David Austins are more immune to it.

I was to the Royal Jubilee for a phlobotamy today. Its been a year since my last one! So this treatment must be ok to keep my high blood counts in cheque. I just naturally have high octane blood, I guess. I am a unique and bizare case to my doctor. My test results are not what is expected from what my blood counts show, apparently. Since I am not sick with this, I feel a bit put upon to have to go for the blood letting. But, I guess blood clots are not to be taken lightly, so ... I should just feel fortunate that I have a doctor who is taking the best of care of me.

I managed to get a page of comments done on my Flickr group. Not very exciting, but something I can do to spend useful time when I don't want to think too hard.

We had a cool, cloudy day with a bit of rain. The garden needs it. When I checked the pond the water level was way down. I topped it up and rearranged the waterfall rocks and hope its good for a while again.

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