Sunday, July 05, 2009

Playing with Programs

This photo of the west coast planter is changed to black and white using the Corel PSP ultimate. Ken told me where to find the conversion filters in this program. I think they are superb! While I was poking around at things in the program, trying to add text, I totally froze my computer. So, until I learn how to use the text in that program, I think I will stick with text in adobe or my jasc photo editor. Their are some nice frames in the new Corel program. The one I used here is the cross processing frame.
I found this in last year's photos while looking for a few things to delete. Its a drop on leaf of a plant gifted to me by Pam. It was a very tender perennial. I had a lot of fun with that plant and may have to get one again some day.

Some internet friends have been having trouble changing the font size in their Skype programs. I did a search and came up with this: Go to Tools(Y) menu and select Option(Z...). Then you can see the "IM" and "SMS" tab on left side. Click and select IM Apearance, then you can change the font size.

It worked I am told, and you can apparently change the kind of font, also. I still have an older version so I did not have this problem on my Skype. The new version is suppose to be faster and have less bugs. I have not been having any trouble with my older one, but then I don't use it all that much either.

In the garden, I have managed to get the back and front watered, except for the driveway strip and the woodland. We might get rain tomorrow! We hardly get enough moisture to call it rain in our summer showers. Every bit helps though.

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