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Strip between our driveways, Part 2.... 2014

Recovering lost posts
 This is a Mount Hood Daffodil.  Very pretty in all white.
 This is King's spear or asphodeline lutea.  This plant has very nice blue long thin leaves that are evergreen.  When it is out of bloom it looks like a clump of bluish grass.
 The kings spear has been in this spot, just in front of the Rose of Sharon.  It is a very well behaved plant and is slowly growing into a larger clump.
 The daffodils put up in lovely big clumps.  In the strip, they are positioned between the Mountain Ash tree and the beginning of the Cedar hedge.
 These daffodils are fragrant, named Happiness.  They are cheery and abundant and end up in the bouquets.  The arabis blooms in white below and around the daffodils up to the hedge.
 The tulips start to bloom a bit later than the daffodils.  They make a good show, but do not seem to last as long as the daffodils. I need to plant new ones every few years. I wonder if the squirrels are digging them up to eat.  I have planted them all along in front of the hedge.  This Cedar hedge is as tall as the house and runs from the front of the house past the front of the old garage and on down  along the woodland path to the back of the old garage.  This hedge is a very good privacy screen between our houses.

 There are a few other perennials that bloom when the tulips are finished.  This area is fairly easy care, except for the blackberry bushes and the morning glory that need  to be weeded out constantly.
 In the last 10 feet of the strip between the driveways and in front of the hedge up to the woodland path by the old garage, I have planted perennial geraniums.  These are perfect plants for this spot.  They preform very well in the cedar roots.  They are evergreen and have lots of pink flowers when in bloom.  As we park our van in this area of the driveway, the geraniums do not get much sun or much attention.  They never seem to have weeds in them as they cover the ground in thick foliage.  They always look good.
As I am beginning to plant a lower maintenance  garden  I could add more of these plants along in front of the cedar hedge.

We have been having lovely warm weather; with rain, of course.  I moved my orange trees into the house.  They are taller and look like they might need larger pots or maybe just more fertilizer.  They will be warmer inside.  They will probably drop the yellow leaves and grow new ones, so they will need to be fed.  Maybe they might even bloom this year! Could I be so lucky as to get oranges from seeds grown from pits?  

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