Thursday, June 18, 2015

The end of March 2014

Recovering deleted posts:
 Pot. Lisa Taylor Gallis 'Nora' (Blc. California Girl x Sc. Beautort) Its a miniature cat.  It was in bloom at the end of March, but is finished now.  Not a very long bloom period.  I have finished repotting most of the phals. and others that needed it.  I hope I see some blooms from my recalcitrant Miltonia that has never bloomed.
 The robin on the deck railing in front of the blooming plum tree.    A bit under exposed, but I like it.
 The magnolia's buds were just opening up at the end of March.  It still has some flowers open but it too, is almost finished blooming.
 Arabis and Grape Hyacith make a nice combination.  I need to encourage a patch like this in the back garden.
 The arabis really is a nice plant for the early spring.  It is just shining against the grey colors of the driveways.
 More of the magnolia buds. 
This is my best polyanthus... a nice double.  Lost the name tag, of course.
I managed to get the bit of grass mowed and a few weeding chores done this week.  Have a lot to do yet.  The deck looks better cleaned up and so do the deck pots. I planted some Milkweed seeds that I got from Dave and hope they come up.  They were beginning to germinate in the plastic bag of sand where I had kept them over the winter.  I have 2 of the other milkweed plants growing in containers on my light garden.  They look rather spindly.  My Lily of the Valley that are started from seed are doing far better.  The milkweed seeds that I left out on the garden in pots might be germinating.  The plant that Dave gave me is definitely beginning to show some life.  Its in a pot, so I won't lose it among all the weeds in the garden.  I have parsley, dill and basil seeds in 3 cut down milk cartons by the light garden ... so hopefully I will have some herbs on the deck this year.
I have soups made up for 2 or 3 weeks lunches now, so I should be able to get out to garden a bit more now.  The weather promises to be co-operative.  We are having a very nice warm spell, with the occasional bit of rain.

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