Thursday, June 18, 2015

On the 22nd of February, 2014, we had great, fat snowflakes falling.  I was sitting at my front window playing with my camera to catch the snow falling, as shown in an earlier post.  I noticed the lichens on the tree.  They have made a whole ecosystem of their own.  I have been thinking of making a lichens and fungi community on Megashot.  Perhaps later, as I seem to be far too busy.  Its raining today, so I have taken this morning to play with these photos in photoshop.  I did not need to do much to the photos... levels adjustments mostly, a bit of exposure adjustment, a tad of vibrance and saturation.  A snowy day in February can be quite spectacular.
Yesterday we had a lovely warm day.  I mowed the bit of grass at the front and back.  I did a few adjustments to the area under the deck.  The moss garden is slowly growing.  I am getting too many plants in it for it to be a proper Japanese moss garden.   In the woodland area the bluebells are taking over.  But I am happy to see the fawn lilies being equally aggressive in holding their own space. I have more of the bluebells to pull out and hope this slows them down a bit to give the other plants a fighting chance.

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It seems I have deleted a year's worth of posts to my blog... see if I can recover them.  Sorry to say the comments are lost.


Maggie said...

Ken Anderson has left a new comment on your post "22/02/2014":

Lichens are so varied in types that it will probably make a great Mega community.

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Maggie said...

Maggie has left a new comment on your post "22/02/2014":

thanks Ken. I am so busy. But keep your fungi and lichen photos ready!

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