Thursday, June 18, 2015

An early Spring

 These photos are from the 19th.  This makes it a very early Spring this year.  There are more crocuses open now.  But there are none in the Crocus field yet. 
 The snowdrops are showing good color all over the garden now.  As you can see the garden needs to be cleaned up.  We have had a wonderfully warm, but wet,  winter, so far.  I have been too busy to get out and clean up the perennials.
 This cyclamen seems to be perpetually in bloom.  The ones on the other side of the old garage do not seem inclined to bloom, although the leaves are showing an equally nice color.
This camillia bush beside the back deck is now in full bloom and is really very pretty.  It gets sheltered from most of the rain beneath the eaves.  The plants all over the garden are showing amazing growth and color in only a few days from this photo.  Spring is here very early this year.
The birds have cleaned up all the apples that I left on the back garden.  They cleaned up the berries on the holly tree and the thorn bush.  I have not seen humming birds lately, and wonder if they, too are thinking it is Spring and are nesting.  Pat finished taking down the 'strawberry' tree... an arbutus tree.  It was very messy.  But it did have little bells for blooms, that the humming birds liked.  Having it taken down opens up the back garden quite a bit.  We need more pruning done on the trees and shrubs.  I hope to get out later this week to do a bit of clean up and pruning.

I have deleted Metrocascade from my links, as it seems they have disappeared.  Too bad; they had a good idea to produce an online news magazine for our town.  On my old web page, the Guestbook people have been over-whelmed by spam and decided to stop providing the guestbook  for clients.  It really is too bad the net has become this nasty place in so many ways.  I suppose the global world is evolving at the speed of light.  :-)  And yet it remains the same in so many very human and nice ways.  Who cares if NSA can read all my gmail or anything else they care to see?  Maybe we should set the spammers to filling their huge stored data spaces  with the advertising rubbish.  When we would get this kind of stuff in snail mail, it was a good trick to send all the paid for postage envelopes back to them with someone else's advertising in it.    I cannot believe that anyone would get any sales from these stupid spamming things, either on the net or in old snail mail.  I would think that they would lose more potential customers than any they might gain. 
I am currently reading... a lot, both on my ipad and books from the book stores or from on line.  Gwynne Dyer is very interesting.  The Plutocrats is, at the moment my bed time reading on the ipad.  It is very interesting how globalization has changed our world in so many ways in the last 2 or 3 decades. 

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