Thursday, June 18, 2015

Siberian Iris and Dutch Iris

 The purple Siberian Iris with background of the David garden art, which is getting a nice patina.
 One of the things I like best about this small stand of Siberian Iris is the vistas created from different directions of the garden.  This is the bench in its nook in the cedar hedge camouflaged by the Siberian irises, creating the view of a private, cool spot in the garden on a sunny hot day. 
 The dark Siberian Iris
 The light blue Siberian Iris.  There is a white one in the collection as well but it finished blooming before I took its photo.
This is the purple Siberian Iris again.  

The Siberian Iris were finished blooming by the end of May this year.  They now make a nice stand of tall green strap leaves, in front of the taller lighter green clump of bamboo that is backed by another layer of darker green of the cedar hedge.  
The roses have been blooming since the end of May and will continue all year.  The thyme is in bloom and is fragrant.  The front garden is now primarily patterns of green colored spaces of different heights, with the silver and burgundy accents of the smoke bush and saxifragia, with the pink and white of roses, and the bright red of the montebretias just starting to come in to bloom.  There are quite a few birds and European wall lizards in the garden.  I have cleaned up the thyme circle where the bamboo sent out a runner across it, added compost and have transplanted three new little red blooming thyme in the bare spots.  The stone path is weeded and is looking pretty good, with the Corsican mint and some low growing thyme filling in between the field stones, for fragrance and softening of the rough edges of the stones as well as that lovely walk with bare feet.  Last week I cleaned up the 5 foot wide strip between the neighbors' sidewalk and my house.  All the shrubs look good and healthy.  The rose is in bloom, and the clematis and Japanese anemone are going to be huge and gorgeous.  They will probably be early into bloom this year also.  We are having beautiful sunny days, but need to keep up the watering. 

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