Thursday, June 18, 2015

More May Primulas, Peony and Moss

 Inside the Peony tree bloom.  The star of the show in May.
 These blossoms are huge and fragrant.  They are finished blooming now.  I shall cut the stems back this year as they are getting a bit too tall and floppy.  This is large text.  Normal size is too small.
More of the lovely, long lasting Primulas.  
 This is the beginning of the moss garden in the primula bed.  The pots contain a primula and just moss in the smaller one.  I have moved a larger pink pot behind the them and plan to get a sanguinaria Canadenis to grow in it.  
 This is the moss that grows on the stone path, on the lantern and under the Japanese maple and the mountain laurel and continues on under the deck along the dry stream.
The waterfall rocks are slowly getting covered with moss.  The stone is a blue/green piece of slate that works well as the edge for the water to fall over.  The grass is always too bright for the photos, but is otherwise a light yellow and green grass that is good as a planting beside the pond.

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