Thursday, June 18, 2015

Phone photos and other ramblings

Recovering lost posts
 At the grocery store at the mall I saw this lovely hebe with the equally interesting mushroom growing with it.  I need to go back and get this plant.  I took the photo on Oct 10, so hope it is still available.  I took the photo with my Nexus phone and was pretty amazed at the size of the photos.. 3264 x 2448.  I cropped this one a bit as you can see.
 Another phone photo of the autumn colors at the mall.  Cropped this one a bit too, and photoshopped it a bit.
 This is a pink cyclamen that the nurseries are advertising as perennials.  I have been of the opinion that these particular cyclamens are for indoors, only.  I am going to see if this one survives our winter here.
 Playing in my photo editors ... the lightning is from Paintshop Pro and so is the black and white. In photoshop I put them together and masked out the pink.  Was fun playing.  There are some very cool lighting effects, as well as frames, edges and toning in PSP.
Something I did for my JB account (the teddy bears) on Megashot.  Used the new pestle and the special squash in the set up.  Maybe the tan colored bear would have gone better.  But this one looks ok with the cherry wood background of the cupboard.

I am slowly getting the apples harvested with some to friends and relatives and the very worst of the culls for the deer.  I have quite a lot of apple sauce, a box half full in cold storage and we will be starting to eat  our second heaped up apple pie today. 

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