Thursday, June 18, 2015

Some of the Vines ... 2014

Recovering lost posts

 The wisteria vine has climbed up the Western Red Cedar and makes the tree bloom for a few weeks.
 This Nelly Moser Clematis climbs up the deck and into the plum tree,  It is in bloom over a long period of time, and is in bloom now.  A very good plant.
 I have lost the name of this Clematis.  It is finally growing and blooming on the back garden above the herbs and on the cedar hedge.    The jackamani clematises will be in bloom later in the year. 
On May 31 we visited a marvelously made rock and alpine garden  After the open garden visit with the VIRAGS we stopped at Finnerty gardens at the University.  There were a few of the rhodos still in bloom.  This duck and its mate were pleasantly camouflaged in color int the little pond.
Today, most the the rhodos in my garden are finished blooming.  The roses have taken over and are doing fine.  The snapdragons were good this year.
I have had a swallowtail butterfly touring through my garden but have been unable to catch it sitting still.

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