Friday, June 19, 2015

The Dutch Iris and my best water iris

 This is my best water iris.  It needs to be divided.  When I get the water Irises divided, I will be finished most of the renovation around the pond and the Japanese garden.  The spruce tree is getting too big and the little lily of the valley shrub is also.  I will probably remove both of them in a month or two.  I transplanted a red candelabra primula to the Primula bed by the pink pots.  I dug a hole in the clay, added some potting soil and watered it in.  I hope this clay acts like a sort of a bog that these primulas like. 

The Dutch irises and the water irises are the last in bloom.  The water iris is just finishing blooming now.
I got a bit of cleaning up done in the front garden and finished my transplants at the back when it began to rain lightly.  I had watered the newly transplanted thyme in the thyme circle where the bamboo root ran across the thyme circle and used up all of the nutrients under the thyme.  So, hopefully the new transplants should be take hold. 
When I was trying to do this post, I managed to delete about one year of posts to my blog.  I have copies of all my posts in my email.  So, I have spent the last couple of hours recovering the posts, and most of the comments.  There are a few little mistakes, but no big deal, so I will call it done.

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