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Front Garden in April 2014

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 The plum tree was in full bloom in early April
 The bridal veil Spirea bush with the crocus field in front of it.  The crocuses are finished blooming and just the edging blue grape hyacinths are in flower.  The Spirea is just starting to bloom.
 a closer look at the crocus field edging.  I must move more of the late blooming crocuses and perhaps some of the early blooming tulip saxitalis into the crocus field.  This photo was from mid April.  The grass is really quite tall now, but the crocus leaves need to go brown before I mow it.  I should give it all some bonemeal after I move the tulips and late blooming crocuses.  Some of the tiny white daisies would be nice in the whole mix.  People mow over these daisies, so they are really low.
 Another view of the front from the street. I like the height of the hedge now.
 An over view of the front garden from our window.
I first saw this comma butterfly feeding on the back plum tree blossoms on March 31st.  This photo is from April 4 when I saw it again.  It is looking very beat up and ragged.  I have not seen it since.  I do hope it found a mate to produce more offspring.  These butterflies over winter as butterflies.  

I have been getting quite a bit of gardening done in the last three weeks.  The plum trees are finished blooming, as is the magnolia.  Most of the rock plants are in bloom, the apple tree is covered in bloom this year.  I have potted up a few plants to take to the Vancouver Island Rock and Alpine show and sale.  Of course, I had to try a new thing (for me) with my old copy of Microsoft Office.  This program does some amazing things.  I really need more time to play on it, too.  I made up a table of the plants I am taking to the show and sale, with the names of the plants and a short description.  There is a photo of the plant beside this.  This is the first plant in the table.  It is a bit wide for this blog

Wulfenia carinthiaca (Carinthian Cow's Footprint)

20 cm ø, Carinthian Cow's Footprint makes flowering stalks up to 30cm in height with hundreds of small, intense lilac blue flowers which make a showy effect above a basal rosette of undulated, dark green leaves. Requires a slightly acidic soil (on a peaty basis) and a sunny to partially shaded spot.
-- Mine are well established in clay soil with morning sun and shade the rest of the day.. Just now coming into bloom. They are evergreen. Not sure which Wulfenia mine is.
- recently potted up. Keep moist until new
growth shows, then can be transplanted. Seems
to have rhizome like roots.

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