Thursday, June 18, 2015

August, September Harvest

 Just one more photo from our trip to Botanical Bay at the end of July.  I have more photos from this interesting trip for inclusion in the Botanical Bay album on my old web page.  Was glad to have had a very good couple of days of fog over the River at our campsite and sunshine on the Bay in the morning hunt for treasurers at low tide.
 This is the harvest from my back garden at the end of August.  The plum tree was loaded with plums.  I made several jars of plum sauce, but did not use or give away even half of the crop this year.  This tree is in need of a severe pruning, but is producing so very much fruit for the sad looking shape it appears to be in.  There were a few purple beans.  They turn green when boiled.  I made a trellis for the few beans we picked up in Dragon Alley last year.  There are a few more beans on the plants now.  I am saving the pods and want to dry them to add to soups.  The grapes had a few bunches, this year.  There was some eaten by birds or squirrels before I got to them.  In the front of the photo is what is probably one of the first figs of the year.  So far we have had 12 edible figs and lots of still green ones, that never ripen in time to be edible. 
This is the September harvest of the purple plums.  We picked 40 lbs of plums and I preserved them in these pint jars.  They are delicious.  They are good with icecream, frozen yogurt or just as they are from the jars.  We have 7 jars left and I have given some away.

We had a short trip in June/July.  Since then the summer seems to have just zipped by.  Our trip to Botanical Bay, and then our summer in the city has been most wonderful and busy.  In September we had car events that kept us busy.  Into October and I am renovating the pond / Japanese garden area.

We have had beautiful weather, for the past few months, even though we have been in a drought.  I have watered the garden occasionally and the perennials seem to be doing ok.  The apple tree is loaded with fruit, so that will be the next harvest probably the end of this month. 

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Maggie said...

Ken Anderson has left a new comment on your post "August, September Harvest":

I like the perfect exposure on the downed tree. Darn good photo.
Glad your garden produced so well and the fruit trees too.
We have had nothing but rain for the past week.

Posted by Ken Anderson to My Garden at 9:28 AM

Maggie said...

Maggie has left a new comment on your post "August, September Harvest":

Thanks Ken
We are finally getting some of the rain we need. The island was in a summer drought. Still have a tree full of apples to pick and make into pies, apple sauce and store over winter.

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