Thursday, June 18, 2015

Summer in the City ... July 2014

Recovering lost posts

On Monday we went downtown and rode the Hippo Bus.  Was Fun!  This innovative company has a few of these school buses converted to run in the water as well as on land.  They do a hour and a half tour.  We had a full load of tourists at 40 people. It was a sunny, warm day.  After the tour we had a late lunch at the Steamship Restuarant and then did a stroll along the inner harbor.
The garden is very dry and I have been watering a bit.  I am harvesting the yellow plums and have 15 pints of plum sauce made up.  We are eating fresh plums with ice cream for dessert every day.  Giving away bags full of them to visitors.
The last photo above is the sunset off our back deck.  This summer in the city is getting to be very busy, and fun, too.
I have finished one of the 'changes in the garden' pages for my web page.  Would be terribly boring to anyone but me.  It is to be a record of the changes in my garden over the years.  I bought K.D. Lange's 49th parallel album on itunes on my ipad.  I was able to transfer the music to my desktop and add it to my playlists.  I was also able to add  Hallelujah as the song on my Changes1 newly made page! 

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