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Botanical Bay ... 2014

Recovering lost posts

 At the end of July we drove out to Port Renfrew and camped beside the San Juan River at the Pacheedaht campground.  It is a beautiful spot.  We were right beside the river where it enters the Bay.  It was high tide, while we had our supper.  Foggy and warm with a nice sea breeze.  On our way to Port Renfrew we had stopped at Jordan River for our lunch.  A lovely view.  Apparently there are surfers who come out to this area.  The low tide, was at 9:00, so we got up early had our breakfast and drove to the parking lot.  The trail through the rainforest to Botanical Bay is 1.5 kms.  It was foggy again but very nice.  We got down to the beach and spent some time looking at the tidal pools and creatures.  There were only a few other people down there.  As we headed back to the van at about 12 o'clock we passed lots of  people just coming down to the beach. 
 This is the vertical version of two of the stepping stones that lead into the moss/fern garden under the deck.  I hope I can get it looking more and more like the rain forest in the above photos.  I need more old logs and ground covers for the shade.  The hepaticas do well in moss and shade.
This is the actual real view of the direction that the stepping stones take.  There are five of these stones.  The first one is just behind the primulas.  The last one you see here is where this little path ends  just before the dry stream, under the deck. 

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