Thursday, June 18, 2015

Five Years Ago Today

Recovered post.  See the bottom for the post date that is 'today'
 Five years ago, today, we were in Cusco, Peru.  The Piper.  I had to have one of his pipes, of course.  I still cannot play it.
 This lady was walking along a side street where I had wandered into.  She was dressed in costume and wanted $1.00 to allow me to take her photogr4aph.  The Piper, also had been dressed for the tourist season and wanted a $1.00 for the modeling job.  Well, it was cheap at five times the price.  They must have been sweltering in their costumes. 
 The daffodils started to open up in late Feb.  This one is from the 24 of Feb.
They are still doing very well, despite the wind and rain we had a couple of days ago.  The Spring bulbs are about 3 weeks early this year.  
 This is a photo of the tulip bouquet that Marlene gave us as a hostess gift.  The photo was taken on the 24th February, a few days after our dinner.
This photo of the tulips was from the 7th of March.  We were enjoying the tulips as an Ikeban arrangement.  The arrangement really needed a wider bottom and a bit more height.  But the forms the tulips took were truly inspiring.

I have been working with the DNG converter of my RAW photos from the new SX60 and learning quite a bit about the conversion of RAW and processing them in the ACR of my Photoshop, as well as layer blending for what I think may be more dynamic range of the colors in the photos.  Not sure, though; what do you think?

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Maggie said...

Ken Anderson has left a new comment on your post "5 years ago, today":

I left a comment yesterday ... at least I think I did. Good work with dynamics.

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Maggie said...

Maggie has left a new comment on your post "5 years ago, today":

You may have left a comment earlier. I was cleaning out the email accounts that I have linked to my ipad. I didn't think they deleted from my desktop when I dealt with them on my ipad. I may have inadvertently 'synched my devices' and perhaps caused this to happen. I have no idea about things any more. It has all become to complicated. I won't be cleaning out any emails again, until I have moderated the comments on this blog, and so published the good stuff.

Thanks for the visit and encouraging comments.

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